Location: Edgecliff, Sydney
Country: Australia

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Lisa's passion in life is helping people really love, accept and believe in themselves.  Lisa is also the author of The Confidence Coach Book and in 2015, was a finalist in the International Coaching Federation Coach of the Year award.  

Lisa has also been awarded with two 2015 Bronze Awards in the International Women in Business Awards in the categories of 'Coach' or 'Mentor' of the year and also 'Women helping Women specificially her work for assisting people with confidence.

Some of Lisa's recent speaking engagements include

* Royal Carribean Cruise Guest Speaker

* CHPRSL - Resilience in the Workplace

* Sydney Re-invent your Career Exhibition

* The Higher Education Summit 2014

* How to be an Empowered Executive Assistant and Assertive: EA Network

* The Higher National Public Sector Women in Leadership Conference.

* 101.3FM Guest Speaker on Self Esteem

* Guest Speaker at NRL Luncheon (Brisbane)



How To Be Confident In Your Career

Do you or your team struggle to be confident or empowered? Do you fall into Victim mode or just blame your boss or your Organisation for your career? Are you trying to manage a team of dis-empowered individuals who don't seem to take responsibility at work?

In this keynote, Lisa Phillips will take your audience on a journey to become empowered employees! Lisa won't just engage your audience to build empowerment because their organisation demands it - she will engage your staff to become more confident and engaged for themselves, in order to achieve more positive emotions at work and step into being a more confident, happy and empowered person.

Testimonial: "Lisa recently spoke at one of our client events on ‘How to be Confident in your Career’. She was an outstanding speaker, full of energy and had the audience engaged at all times, we received some fantastic feedback from our guests. She was empowering, spoke with humour and on a level you could really connect with. Lisa also had the whole room up on their feet before 8am, which is particularly impressive! I would love to have the opportunity to work with Lisa again". Corinne Wakeford Marketing Manager Australia


How To Become A More Resilent Person

Are your emotions like a roller coaster and do you blame everyone and everything around you for your stress? The truth is: Stress is not going to disappear - it will always be evident in your life.

In this powerful keynote, Lisa Phillip will inspire your audience to: 1) Understand that we all cause our own stress 2) How our thoughts and beliefs affect our stress levels 3) How to become a more resilient person

Testimonial: "Lisa Phillips is an amazing, vibrant and engaging confidence coach, who was recently commissioned to speak at our annual employee "Health & Wellness Expo". As Lisa has proven that she can truly capture her audience and speak at 'their level'; something truly unique to her. Lisa presented to our employees a workshop on resilience, engaging them through activities with a certain panache coupled with her witty sense of humour. Lisa cannot come more highly recommended from our company". Ryan Dickson -Human Resources Co-ordinator CHPRSL


How To Be Your Own Best Friend

Lets be completely honest here, most of us are our own worst enemies rather than our own best friends. The truth is we treat other people far nicer than we treat ourselves and we beat our selves up for not being good enough, clever enough, attractive enough....etc!

In this fun and compassionate keynote, let Lisa Phillips inspire your audience to like themselves and be their own best friend. She will also share her top tips to give up the need to be a people pleaser, not worry about what other people think and build self-esteem from the inside out.

Testimonial: "I had the pleasure of getting Lisa Phillips involved in “Dani’s self-esteem team” for 101.3 SEA FM. Her natural talent for public speaking was apparent from the get go but even more so her passion for the message she is trying to spread. Lisa blew us away. She had myself and the rest of the women involved inspired and feeling like it was ok to love ourselves and put ourselves first. She is enigmatic and I cannot wait for our future projects together. Lisa, I wish you all the best in improving the self-esteems of every woman around the world, I truly believe you have what it takes to do so!”. Dani Pola Breakfast radio announcer 101.3 Sea FM


Don't Worry - Be Happy!

There is so much information in books, in the media etc. these days about how to be happy. However, we all have our own happiness preferences but many of us spend more time keeping other people happy than ourselves! We also spend so much time worrying about things, whether it is ourselves, our family or the future. If you want to be happy and stop worrying so much, you need to tune into your own happiness preferences and learn to self soothe.

In this keynote, Lisa will also explain the importance of living a life which is ' downstream' and feels good, rather than living an upstream life which is often a struggle and doesn't feel good.

Testimonial" "Lisa Phillips was a keynote speaker on Royal Caribbean Cruises while I was on holiday. I attended all 5 of Lisa's workshops which were all entertaining , thought provoking and great fun. I know from being in the audience that Lisa received excellent feedback from attendees, many of which returned to hear Lisa speak daily". Jon Le Breton - Discovery and Hope


Increase Confidence In Less Than 1 Minute Per Day!

It doesn't matter how long you may have felt insecure or suffered from low confidence - you can learn to become a more confident person. Confidence is actually like a muscle and you can learn to build it up gradually, without the need for struggle in less than 1 minute per day.

In this keynote, Lisa Phillips will have your audience laughing at themselves and learning how to build up their confidence muscle in less than 1 minute per day!

Testimonial" "Lisa recently delivered a workshop and networking lunch to a group of our business clients. Our organisation run over 100 events per year and the feedback we received from Lisa's event rated as one of the highest we have had. Lisa was extremely easy to work with in the organisational stage and was a great source of information and inspiration to the attendees. Some of the comments left by the attendees included " Lisa was amazing - thank you for your level of thoughtful help and insight into success" . "Lisa is a brilliant speaker, lots of fun and talks a great deal of sense". Amanda Hampshire.


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