Michelle Bakjac
Location: Adelaide
Country: Australia

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Michelle Bakjac wants individuals to reach their full potential and accelerate success, growth and wellbeing. She believes all individuals have the ability to thrive at work and in life.

Michelle is a highly experienced Psychologist, Speaker, Trainer/Facilitator and Certified Coach with more than 25 years of experience in taking individuals, teams and organisations from surviving to thriving. Michelle’s expertise ranges from facilitating workplace wellness training to personal and leadership coaching to organisational development and leadership training. Combining qualifications in Psychology, Organisational Coaching and Leadership, Michelle has insight into the motivators for behaviour and what influences well-being.

Michelle assists individuals and teams to build emotional intelligence, resilience and mental toughness, increase leadership capability, workplace wellness and allow teams to embrace positive psychology philosophies. Michelle’s highly engaging presentations are backed by significant and robust research which allows her to both inform audiences and engage them in meaningful self-reflection and gain valuable opportunities to instigate real change.

Michelle is a qualified Mental Toughness Practitioner and a member of Mental Toughness Partners in Australasia. She is accredited to use the MTQ48 which is a tool specifically designed to measure individual mental toughness, giving individuals and teams real insight and self-awareness as to how to build their mental toughness and thrive every day.

If you are looking for a speaker to empower an audience and instigate real opportunities for a growth mindset – Michelle can deliver.


Conference, Training and Winning Key Notes

•How To Develop Your Mental Toughness

•Getting Comfortable With Being Uncomfortable

•Resilience and Resolve

•How to Think Like An Optimist

•Worrier to Warrier

•Success Is A Habit

•Positive Psychology For A Positive Workplace

•Put Your Own Oxygen Mask On First

•Building Your Transformational Leadership Advantage

Sessions Tailored To Meet Client Objectives

Summary of Presentations

1) How to Develop Your Mental Toughness

60 mins (theatre) or 90 mins – 3 hours( with group interaction and self-reflection)

It is no longer enough to simply have resilience and be able to bounce back from adversity. We need to be able to thrive in an environment which is often volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous. For this we need Mental Toughness. Some challenges get dropped on us; for these we need resilience. But some challenges (and their potential rewards) are waiting for us; for these we need confidence in our ability to manage change and challenges.

In this highly engaging session you will gain insight into how to develop Mental Toughness with real usable techniques to build self-confidence, manage change and challenges and thrive.

"What a great session. Michelle is so enthusistic and knowledgeable.Such great expertise she has to share." RTW SA Team Building and Wellness

"Michelle'e energetic style and fantastic content was so well received. Staff were left wanting more time with her".SA Water Values in Focus Series 

Great hands on session that engaged everyone in the team with real take home tools to use. Such a great session" University of South Australia Communication and Media Team Building

"Such a great session and the leeadership felt they gained significantly from the session. It was a great opportunity to build self awareness and have the tools to self manage. thanks for such a great session." BAE Emerging Leadership Programme.

"Very inspiring and thought provoking session" Executive Roundtable CEO series

"Great session. Learnt so much. Quite life changing". RTW Summit 2017

2) Getting Comfortable with Being Uncomfortable

60 mins (theatre) or 90 mins – 3 hours( with group interaction and self-reflection)

What makes you comfortable can ruin you! What makes you uncomfortable is the only thing that will allow you to GROW.

Change and uncertainty have become the new normal in our work environment. This highly empowering session reviews the science of growth and discomfort and your opportunities to thrive and take control within this environment. You will gain specific skills to manage emotions, embrace “this sucks”, recognise your innate strengths to look at possibilities and solutions and build your “sense making” capability so that you can actually thrive when stepping outside your comfort zone.

"Michelle was excellent. She was able to keep me riveted and I learned so much to add to my tool box of skills. I feel so much more confident to manage change". RTW SA Team Building and Wellness

3) Resilience and Resolve

Half or full day workshop( with group interaction and self-reflection)

Effective leadership requires flexibility, adaptability, and resilience. A leader needs to manage multiple priorities, drive efficiency, and improve productivity while still coping with setbacks, change, and remain motivated in the face of adversity. Change is inevitable within our current work environments, and as a consequence those in leadership positions must have the right mindset to effectively address solutions to navigate around challenging situations.

Building resilience and mental toughness in yourself and your team is an essential part of creating a supportive and productive working environment. Having the ability to ‘bounce back and thrive’ provides a protective factor when dealing with organisational reform and change, with high pressure and stress. Resilient teams are more likely to be high performing and productive and need less time to recover from setbacks.

This workshop will provide participants with effective strategies to maximise leadership effectiveness and develop tools to become resilient and versatile in the face of challenges. Michelle provides techniques to inspire direction and achievement, to optimise high performance and to develop the necessary skills to becoming a resilient and reliable leader.

"Thank you so much for your valuable contribution to the Summit. The feedback we received from your session was excellent". The 3rd Annual Public Sector Women In Leadership South Australia and Northern Territory Summit 2017.

"Best session I have ever completed. Well presented, engaging and thought provoking" Resilience at Work - DCSI Homelessness

"I gained so much value from this session and left wanting more" Catholic Safety Health And Welfare SA

"We have received excellent feedback on this session and are keen to have Michelle back for more sessions for staff throughout the year. She is engaging and passionate and the team found the session inspiring and thought provioking and are considering changes already" City of West Torrens.

4) How To Think Like An Optimist

60 mins (theatre) or 90 mins – 3 hours( with group interaction and self-reflection)

Permanence – An optimist believes that when they lose or experience a setback, these disappointments are temporary, not permanent.

Pervasiveness – An optimist is able to put their problems in a box and not be distracted by them.

Personalise – An optimist internalises victories and externalises defeats. “ We played great today”. “We deserved to win,” “They were lucky tonight”. We’’ll get ‘em tomorrow”. Unlike a pessimist who does the opposite. “We were lucky to win”. “It’s my fault we lost”.

Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how we choose to respond. So what attitude do you have? Want to be an optimist and not a pessimist?

5) Worrier to Warrier

60 mins (theatre) or 90 mins – 3 hours( with group interaction and self-reflection)

How often are we crippled by analysis paralysis or feel we are a mouse in a wheel running round and round and never going anywhere. You can conquer your worry monster.

Learn how to overcome worry and fear and develop a tool box to manage your worry and engage it productively. You can train your mind to reduce the amount of time and energy you spend worrying and how to worry productively and on purpose. You can contain the time and energy you spend worrying and reduce anxiety to produce purposeful outcomes.

Recognise – you are in charge of your worrying and you can build habits to train your brain.

6) Success Is A Habit

60 mins (theatre) or 90 mins – 3 hours( with group interaction and self-reflection)

So often we berate ourselves for our perceived lack of motivation. Motivation is often fickle and willpower comes and goes. Having motivation is wonderful, but motivation can be like a cheetah. Great take off and high speed but a cheetah can’t run a marathon.

What helps you sustain your constant movement forward to build your mental toughness is your habits and discipline to succeed. Mentally tough people don’t have to be more courageous, more talented, or more intelligent; they just have to be more consistent. Mentally tough people develop systems that help them focus on the important stuff regardless of how many obstacles life puts in front of them. It’s their habits that form the foundation of their mental beliefs and ultimately set them apart.

Discuss building good habits into your daily routine, setting clear goals and aligning habits to your goals.

"The feedback from your session was excellent. The session was so positive and gave everyone so much food for thought to consider real change" Department for Education and Child Development

7) Positive Psychology For A Positive Workplace – tailored to suit client objectives

60 mins (theatre) or 90 mins – 3 hours( with group interaction and self-reflection)

Positive Psychology and Wellness can provide a significant benefit to any individual or work place to allow insights and skill building around positive emotions, engagement, meaning, relationships and establishing a sense of accomplishment.

Michelle has the ability to assess the unique culture of any team or organisation and work with organisers to develop a programme which is directed toward real needs.

"Michelle's enthusisam and passion is infectious. She is so great to listen to and very inspiring. Can't wait to implement the tools she has provided" Families SA

"Michelle' sessions are always so well received and relatedable to the culture of our workplace" Woolworths The Fresh Food People.

8) Put Your Own Oxygen Mask On First

60 mins (theatre) or 90 mins – 3 hours( with group interaction and self-reflection)

Just as we are instructed by a flight attendant to “put our own oxygen mask on first” in the case of an emergency, we need to recognise that in life, taking care of ourselves as a priority allows us to be in a much better position to maximise our own health and wellbeing as well as then being in a better position to help those around us. We have the opportunity to stop, and be mindful of how we are managing our stress levels and consider how we can get off the constant “productivity merry go round” and take time out for self.

This session gives participants the chance to reflect on their current habits and behaviours that can be self-destructive and consider constructive solutions for managing health and wellness.

"What a wonderful session and a wonderful facilitator. I have been managing teams for many years and never even thought to "put my own mask on first". thanks so much for all the thought provoling insights" Department for Communities and Social Inclusion Resilience Series.

Thank you for your session. Wehave received such excellent feedback and I would highly recommend this session to others" Department for Correctional Services 

9) Building Your Transformational Leadership Advantage

3 hours- 7 hours( with group interaction and self-reflection)

Are you a transformational leader or a transactional leader? If you have worked for a Manager or Leader in the past whose only focus is supervision of roles, and ensuring performance, then you know what it’s like to work for a Transactional Leader. These leaders are only concerned with maintaining the status quo and considering the progress that needs to be made on a day to day basis.

However Transformational Leaders work to enhance the motivation and engagement of individuals. They work toward not just a goal, but a vision and their purpose is to direct their team toward that vision. Transformational Leadership challenges the current state and is change-oriented. Leaders of this type embrace challenges and assist their team to see the opportunities within a challenge.

This highly interactive session delivered specifically to leaders, focuses on assisting understand employee motivation and engagement, emphasises leading my example and how to focus on the strengths of employees to transform the culture of a team and workplace.

"Michelle's work with the team was excellent. She assisted them to address issues impacting on their leadership with significant positive outcomes." Families SA Team Building 

"Thanks for "Nailing it". You have made a real difference to the way teams consider leadership and managing in uncertainty. Can't wait to invite you back" Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure Transformation Programme

10) Sessions Tailored To Suit Client Objectives

Would you like a session specifically tailored to your needs. Michelle can tailor a session based on the unique culture of any team or work place.

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