Ronit Baras
Location: Wishart, Brisbane
Country: Australia

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Presentations and workshops can be informative and fun, but in order to create lasting change, they must also engage the audience at a deeper level and take them on a journey of discovery and transformation. If you're looking for a "transformer", Ronit Baras should be your first choice.

I loved every bit of the day, it was very uplifting. I loved Ronit - keep up the good work. She was very relaxed. This course is fantastic, great for the mind and soul. You feel fresh and positive all day. Thanks again Ronit. I would love to do it more often, it feels good

- Christine Browning, Teacher Aide


Ronit Baras is an extraordinary woman. She is a world traveler, a life coach, an international parenting expert, a personal development blogger, an inspiring author and an engaging public speaker. She is an experienced and powerful presenter, delivering passionate messages of love, respect, acceptance, motivation and determination to the people who attend her presentations and workshops.

Born with a physical disability to a migrant family, Ronit battled with childhood illness, was nearly kicked out of high school and endured the loss of two children. Yet she transformed her life into a living example of "mind over matter".

Ronit completed a degree in Special Education (with flying colours), specialised in emotional intelligence while traveling and working around the world with her husband and kids, coached many people to happiness and published numerous articles and 4 books: "Motivating Kids", "Reflections", "Be Special, Be Yourself for Teenagers" and "In the Outback with Jasmine banks. Through her writing, she has touched the lives of millions of readers around the world.

Ronit's journey from sickness to health, from failure to success and from sadness to happiness will captivate every audience. Against all odds, with passion, determination and a "can do" attitude, she turned each challenge in her life into great success.

She is the co-creator of the "Be Happy in LIFE" life coaching program and the QLD State Director for the Together for Humanity Foundation.

I found the course amazingly valuable and useful. Ronit’s stories and anecdotes were very interesting. Her skill level, creativity and flexibility were fantastic. She was personal and interesting. I want all my teachers to do this course.

- Derek Brady, Principal

Topics and expertise

Ronit is an expert in personal development, specialising in accelerated learning, communication skills, relationships, parenting, work-life balance, self-confidence and stress management. She has guided adults and children on their search for passion, purpose and happiness for over 28 years.

One of her spcialities is helping to transform schools through workshops for teachers, staff, parents and students. She runs leadership programs, professional development for teachers, parenting workshops and diversity seminars, which bring people together and empowers the school community.

As an experienced early childhood and special education teacher, Ronit also delivers presentations on language acquisition, bilingualism and multilingualism, learning difficulties and developing children with special abilities.

When creating her powerful, inspiring presentations on the quest for happiness and success, Ronit draws from her years of personal and professional experiences as a sick and disabled child, a student, a researcher, an educator, a business owner, a traveler, an author, a trainer, a public speaker, a wife, a mother and a community developer. She brings a unique and creative presentation style that combines personal stories and practicality to give her audience immediate results.

Thank you again for attending and presenting at our conference. A number of people have already told me (and emailed) how much they enjoyed your session. It's a shame we didn't have more time, but perhaps you'll come again toward the end of the year and we can also look at some experiential games or activities that will help to draw out the unconscious mindset of those who attend. In any case, you did a fantastic job and I appreciate your input.

- Senen Pousa, CEO, Investment Intelligence Corporation

Available formats

You are welcome to book Ronit Baras anywhere in Australia for any of the following:

  • Speaking engagements, like keynote addresses, of any length
  • Presentations of any length (minimum of 1.5 hours recommended)
  • Workshops - half-day or full-day
  • Camp - 2 days

Each of these can be customised to suit your particular needs.

For best value, since Ronit travels from Brisbane, consider booking multiple engagements on consecutive days.

Client references

Ronit is an experienced international speaker and has presented all around the world. Among her clients in Australia are:

♥  Queensland Department of Communities
♥  Multicultural Affairs QLD
♥  Department of Immigrations and Citizenship, Australia
♥  Institute of Public Administrators (IPAA) QLD
♥  University of Queensland (UQ)
♥  Modern Language Teachers' Association of QLD
♥  School of Distance Education
♥  Together for Humanity foundation
♥  Kumon
♥  Crèche and Kindergarten Association (C&K)
♥  Early Childhood Teachers’ Association
♥  Many private and public schools

For her community work, Ronit Baras has been nominated by the Women's Federation for World Peace for the International Women's Day Peace award and twice for "Australian of the year".


Note: All these documents will be only accessible upon booking confirmation.

1. QLD College of Teachers Registration

Client to provide:-  Data projector, Lapel microphone, Whiteboard / Flipchart and markers, Refreshements and Parking close to venue

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In-depth, 4-6 hours. More than 1.5 hours' drive from Brisbane. Price excludes travel and accommodations. 4-6 hours Start From $9,900.00 Send Enquiry
Up to 3 hours. More than 1.5 hours' drive from Brisbane. Price excludes travel and accommodations. Up to 3 hours Start From $7,495.00 Send Enquiry
In-depth, 4-6 hours. Up to 1.5 hours' drive from Brisbane. 4-6 hours Start From $7,150.00 Send Enquiry
Up to 3 hours. Up to 1.5 hours' drive from Brisbane. Up to 3 hours Start From $4,745.00 Send Enquiry