Bernadette Mcclelland
Location: Melbourne
Country: Australia

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Bernadette McClelland


Influential Speaker On Disruption and
Business Growth


The learnings and W.I.S.D.O.M. Principles Bernadette shares in this keynote [Wisdom. Identity. Strategy. Decision. Ownership and Mental Readiness] will reshape your direction, fully amplifying your impact and levels of fulfilment.

TAILORED STRATEGIES FOR TOMORROWS CHALLENGES - In a rapidly changing world, drawing on Bernadette’s journey of bankruptcy to global relocation, the message is clear: The future belongs to those ready to disrupt their narratives, those who are proactive and not reactive. Whether that disruption is AI, restructures or lost revenue, we can no longer be bystanders, but deliberate disruptors.

PRACTICAL MINDSET SHIFTS -You won’t just hear about transformation as an abstract concept – you’ll experience it through actionable mental prompts that you can immediately reference on a daily basis.


Inspiring Growth through Personal Leadership, Sales Leadership and Thought Leadership Strategies Opening or Closing Keynote

AUDIENCE: For Corporate Sales Teams, Associations and Franchises

THEMES: Business Growth, Disruption, Story, Inspiration, Sales, Leadership, Change

EMPOWERMENT THROUGH ACTIVE PARTICIPATION - Going beyond storytelling and understanding the principles of deliberate disruption will enable you to feel the impact - equipping and energizing you, or your business, to become a deliberate disruptor.


Trade Widgets for Wisdom and Dominate The Market

We are in the Connection Era not the Industrial Era and our buyers seek wisdom, not just widgets. To effectively engage them, audiences must shift their thinking and selling to match their buyer’s evolving mindset and buying patterns.

MASTER THE ART OF CONNECTION – Understand the paradigm shift from widget-selling to wisdom-selling. Dive deep into how today's buyer thinks and adapt your approach to resonate, becoming their 1st choice

STRATEGIES FOR MARKET DOMINANCE – Equip yourself with innovative techniques to sell ideas and insights, setting you apart in a crowded market.

UNLOCK  THE  POWER  OF  STORYSELLING- Distilled from Bernadette's ground-breaking book 'SHIFT and DISRUPT'. Discover how to elevate your connections, deepen your conversation and accelerate your conversions.


Her Commitment to her Craft includes:

85% of clients rebook her in one capacity or another

Spoken in 12 countries across 4 continents

Awarded Top 50 Sales Speakers Globally

Award winning Author on business growth & leadership

100% Money Back Guarantee on her Keynotes


Keynote Speaker and Conference EmCee American Association of Inside Sales  Professionals (AA-ISP), Chicago

Whether you are looking to motivate large audiences at annual conferences or activate your local team on a critical initiative,  whether it is a TED style presentation for an inspiring 18 minutes or a one-hour punch-packing keynote, Bernadette will help you lead a conversation that educates, inspires and shifts your audience’s thinking toward the results that matter the most.

As a valuable addition to your  conference, Bernadette provides the  option of a workshop, fireside chat or  masterclass after her keynote, where  ideas generated from the main stage  are practically applied in smaller groups.

To ensure implementation of the ideas  and actions provided in her keynote,  Bernadette provides a deeper dive  through online learning opportunities  to further support participants in  maximizing your investment.



“Bringing energy, passion    and a great Australian accent, Bernadette is one of our highest rated speakers.”  Bob Perkins, Chairman and Founder,  American Association of  Inside Sales Professionals  (AA-ISP)

“One of my favourite  speakers, I highly  recommend Bernadette”  Jeb Blount,  CEO and Managing Partner  of the Global Outbound  Sales Conference


“Thanks for a fabulous presentation - had humour rich with thought  provoking content and engaging stories. Well told with such style and  panache.”  Lucy Raymond, Wiley Publishing

“Funny and very interesting. Absolutely Brilliant and Inspirational.”  Micky Bittoun, Apple

“Bernadette McClelland is one of our most respected speakers on this  theme and member feedback, which is critical to us, is always reflective of  a high value presentation.”  Warren Steinicke, State Director – VIC, The CEO Institute

“Huge Congratulations on an Amazing Presentation at Unleash the Power Within in Sydney.”  Marc Von Musser Director Coaching , Anthony Robbins

“We have engaged Bernadette for our sales kick-offs in Sydney and  Boston and our salespeople find her content so fresh and thought  provoking.” Sam Shoolman, Director, Corporate Sales, Hubspot



Bernadette will make a video for social media to market your event.  Perhaps a blog for your newsletter or website? Or even as a   podcast guest? This is all about YOU.

She will wrap the fickleness of ‘sales speak’ language with the  nuances of psychology and story and address more than just the rudimentary basics of ‘how to sell’.

Her presentation is part of an event eco-system, not the entire solar  system and she has a lack of diva-ness that is like a breath of fresh  air.

She will spend time interviewing relevant people prior to the event  to ensure she knows your business, your lingo and your outcomes  so that your audience feels ‘she gets me’ Want some books to give away? Just ask!

If you would like her to spend the day with you, or even join you for  dinner or breakfast, this is all part of her silver service.

If you need an Emcee at the last minute, or simply want an extra voice to make your event more seamless, Bernadette will bring levity and flow.

From the C-Suite, to Conference Organizers, her testimonials are  world-class, and you will notice, she PROVIDES NAMES!

She has a variety of incremental ways to embed the learning -  Master Classes, Online Programs and Fireside Chats.  You are in good hands because the ultimate test is - if  the power goes out - she can speak without slides!!

Finally, she puts her money where her mouth is, removes the risk for you and guarantees her work!

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