Bernadette Mcclelland
Location: Melbourne
Country: Australia

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For a Sales Meeting with a Difference?

This Speaker Whose Business is Also About Sales will provide your salespeople and sales managers with ideas and strategies that will increase their coverage, elevate their contacts and improve their sales results in a sales meeting, sales kickoff or sales conference environment with humour, fun and challenge.

Quite often the single most important team dynamic of a sales organisation occurs at either a weekly sales meeting, a sales kick-off or a sales conference - forums for salespeople to share, learn, be motivated and to have fun whilst focusing on growing their sales.   

In speaking with salespeople and sales managers alike, these one-hour forums can sometimes be in dire need of new blood - in the shape of ideas and strategies for building the growth, motivation and direction of the salespeople, and ultimately their results and for someone different to present these ideas and strategies.  Bring in Bernadette! 

My vision is to be Australia’s leading professional sales speaking resource and our values are based on courage, vision, teamwork, customer delight and profitability.

These are the same values that we believe salespeople ought to strive to excel in and so we therefore lead by walking our talk.

And to ensure that there are measurable changes in activities or behavior and habits following our sales meeting presentations, we also offer the option of our six-week follow up program. We believe that the key to changing these behaviors and habits needs a process to change not just a desire to change!

We trust that the following is to your satisfaction and we look forward to being of value to you and your sales team in the near future.

Kind Regards

Bernadette McClelland

Professional Speaker and Sales Specialist

Bernadette McClelland – The Speaker Whose Business Is Also About Sales

8 Reasons

Why You May Consider Bernadette To Be Your Keynote Speaker At Your Next Sales Meeting, Sales Kick Off Or Sales Conference!

  • With 15+ years as a senior sales consultant for multi-national corporations she has much accumulated experience, knowledge, skills and attitudes to draw upon and share with her audiences.


  • As a result she is able to weave through her keynotes both her successes and failures as well as great ‘take home’ strategies and ideas which all people will relate to and be grateful.


  •  Bernadette is highly professional and will match and exceed your organisation’s expectations.


  •  She makes her audience feel relaxed and comfortable immediately.


  • Using her inbuilt competitive edge – her natural enthusiasm, she is able to inspire people and therefore, call them to action.


  • Understanding the need for variety and fun in a regular sales meeting, kick off or conference environment, she will intersperse her presentation with loads of audience involvement and humour.


  • Bernadette is easy to work with making the meeting planner’s role simple.


  • And finally, Bernadette loves doing what she does and takes her career as a professional speaker extremely seriously (refer her Bio).


About Bernadette

When told in her interview, ‘you don’t have what it takes to sell in a man’s world’, Bernadette summoned all the courage, guts and thick skin she could, dug her heels in and persevered.  Determined to overcome this stigma and the personal adversity that went with working in such a severe blokey environment, she eventually beca

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