David Penglase
Location: Sydney
Country: Australia

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He is author of the books "What's Ethical About Selling?" and "Buyer Beware - How to spot an unethical sales person and what to do about it" and co-author of "Lessons in Leadership". He has been published in the Financial Review, My Business Magazine, The Sydney Morning Herald and many other industry magazines.

He has been a presenter on the pay-to-air Busines Skills Channel, talk back radio, the ABC's Dimensions Series and Net-FM's Top Floor program.

David has a strong platform of education, including a degree in business and human resource development. He has an MBA and a Masters degree in Professional Ethics.

He is a dedicated family man, a fanatical fisherman, a wine enthusiast, and one of the few people that takes his four wheel drive off the main road. He is a marathon runner, a father of two and a husband of one.

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