Dr Paul Twomey
Location: Cairns
Country: Australia

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Stimulating and with the ability to articulate broad issues in practical business reality terms, Dr Paul Twomey deals with such issues as:

The Economic and Business Challenges of E-Commerce

The Impact of lobalisation on Finance, Business and Trade

Where is the Internet heading?

The Challenges for Australia of the Changing Political and Economic International Order.

Brief History

  • Dr Paul Twomey is one of the founders of Argo P@cific, a high-level international advisory and investment firm which assists companies to build global internet and technology businesses. With powerful links in the US, Europe and the Asia Pacific, Argo P@cific works with both well-established and start-up companies to build international businesses and strategic alliances.
  • Formerly the founding CEO of the National Office for the Information Economy (NOIE), Australia's lead Commonwealth agency for information economy issues.
  • Federal Government's Special Adviser for the Information Economy and Technology, advising the government on its information economy and strategies for development. 


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