Graeme Alford
Location: Cairns
Country: Australia

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Graeme is one this Australia’s foremost authorities on Customer Service. Having spent years with Bob Ansett at Budget Rent-a-Car his passion for the customer has no bounds. Graeme is the author of the 6 module video series “Legendary Customer Service” and is the permanent guest columnist in The Customer Service Bulletin. Graeme was an inaugural member of the executive that set up the Australian Customer Service Association in 1990. 
Graeme has been involved with the development and implementation of many Customer Service Programs and winning cultures amongst top 500 companies. 
Since 1990 Graeme has brought out to Australia almost every expert in the Customer Service area. These Customer Service legends include.
♦ Ron Zemke, author of “Service America”
♦ Stew Leonard, owner of the Stew Leonard Dairy Store
♦ Tom Peters, author of several books including “In Search of Excellence”
♦ Nancy Austin, author of “A Passion For Excellence”
♦ Dr Lyn Phillips, author of “The Unique Service Chain”
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