David Cronin Speaker Trainer
Location: Stepney, Adelaide
Country: Australia

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A professional speaker, David Cronin is an author, playwright and songwriter. & Training sessions on Health & Happiness provide practical, take-home tools, strategies & models with humour. For Teamwork, Stress & Change Management, Personal Development, , Innovation, Marketing and Resilience.

Elements from his variety show highlight the major points in the presentation. Techniques include Applied Improvisation and serious play, aka Gamification. Consult the website for more details, a list of clients and comments.

 He was a member of the Clown Doctor team, providing Humour Therapy regularly for over sixteen years. Parents and the staff also benefited from the fun!  David also conducts Workshops & Courses in Clown & Laughteryoga.

He worked as performer and trainer for 15 years in European & Asian countries. He is a member of international Humour Therapy Associations, the Professional Speakers Association, SCWBII, and Coordinator and Trainer for the SA Laughter Clubs. David is married with 3 children.                                                                                                                       

Client is to provide stage, production with microphone, refreshments and parking close to venue for artists

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