Martin Grunstein
Location: Sydney
Country: Australia

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Martin Grunstein studied Psychology and Marketing at University of N.S.W. He spent four years in sales and marketing with Colgate-Palmolive before setting up SUCCESS COMMUNICATIONS in 1985.

Martin's outstanding results with over 500 companies across over 100 industries have made him Australia's most in-demand speaker on Outstanding Customer Service.

He has also worked with sportsmen up to international level in Rugby League, Rugby Union and Soccer, taking teams from losing to winning situations by teaching players the mental side of their game.

Martin doesn't hype people up, he teaches techniques and how to apply them to your business in the areas of professional attitude to business; understanding the ego of your customer; and how to generate the repeat and referral business that keeps your bottom line healthy.

One of Martin's strengths is his ability to customise his material to the needs and situation of an individual organisation and that is one of the strongest themes in the many corporate testimonials that are evidence of the success of his involvement in a conference or meeting.

Most importantly, Martin believes that entertainment is the best form of education and in his spare time has written comedy professionally.

Martin's keynote presentations, or workshops for smaller groups, will make you laugh but it's the results you get from the techniques that will keep you smiling.

In 1999 Martin Grunstein was invited to present at our annual Battery World National Conference. Prior to the Conference 1 met with Martin and briefed him on our specific needs. 1 left the meeting a little dubious as previous briefing sessions with guest speakers often resulted in the guest speaker nodding in approval, however their presentation had little semblance of the actual brief

Martin was different. He developed an appreciation of the issues at hand and presented accordingly. He did it in a manner that was both informative and entertaining and by the end of his presentation had the delegates cheering in approval.

Our Conference feedback sheets were unanimous in their appreciation of Martin's presentation. So much so that we invited him back to our National Conference this year. In a similar fashion Martin performed to the brief as opposed to recycling a previous presentation.

If your organisation is serious about employing a guest speaker that will challenge the way you conduct your business in a positive manner, then 1 would strongly suggest your contact Martin Grunstein.

Yours sincerely,  
Battery World Australia Pty Ltd
Andrew Donne,  National Development Manager,  Battery World
Dear Martin
Just thought I'd take the opportunity to thank you for the work that you did with us with both our customers and staff prior to our ma or launch in July.   
The "Thank You" seminars with the customers proved to b@ extremely popular with comments such as "the most commonsense presentation that I've seen in a long time" an& it's refreshing to listen to someone who not only understands basic business principles but took the time to understand a little about our business before presenting to us."
The presentations to our staff, the day prior to our launch, not only inspired them to be very positive but reinforced the basic principles of dealing with customers in a most professional manner.
Thanks again for your help in what has been a staggeringly successful launch.
T Don Tilley,  General Manager, Sales and Marketing ,  International Game Technology
In preparing for our recent National Sales Conference, the decision process went something like this...
Q. Who in the sales team should attend?
R. Let's get everyone who is involved in the selling process, to gain maximum buy in.
Q. Where shall we hold the conference?
R. The venue should have a variety of facilities to cater for after hours activities!
Q. How much will all this cost?
R. You can't put a value on improved teamwork and morale!
Q. What about a guest speaker?
R. We need one - anyone have any ideas?
It's this last question that is always the hardest to answer, although it should perhaps be one of the easiest. Over the years, we have used a number of guest speakers at various conferences, as well as attending others where a speaker has been invited.
If you're looking for a speaker who is entertaining, encourages audience participation whilst at the same time delivers a message that is relevant, inspirational and thought provoking, then look no further than Martin Grunstein!
Martin took the time to learn our business, our strengths, our challenges and was able to deliver a very meaningful lesson on the true value of good customer service.
So don't get bogged down with the guest speaker question; the answer is easy
Book: Martin Grunstein!
Please feel free to contact me if you require any further recommendations!
Yours truly,
The Wrigley Company Pty Ltd.
I would hereby like to recommend Martin Grunstein as an outstanding presenter to any company planning a conference, seminar or similar with the intention of provoking original thought on business matters.
I have had the pleasure of witnessing Martin's unique delivery style and content on two occasions. The first opportunity 1 had to participate in one of Martins' workshops was at the National Newsagents Convention in Sydney, May 2000. Having prepared myself to sit through 'another cut & paste seminar' 1 was absolutely delighted with the original content and refreshing presentation style Martin provided. Instead of dictating what business owners should be doing, he challenged us to reconsider our belief systems, especially on how we approached price, in an endeavour to improve our business profitability and customer loyalty.
I was so impressed with Martin, that 1 made the decision to solicit his services for our state-based newsagents' conference in Townsville in July. Once again Martins' style and content was very well received by conference delegates, with many commenting that we should continue our relationship with Martin for the betterment of our businesses.
Yours sincerely,  Kerri Stockwell, 
Queensland Newsagents Federation Promotions Manager
Martin Grunstein first worked with our Building Group approximately five years ago.
He presented a keynote address to all staff, followed by a workshop for salespeople and client service staff. The essence of Martin's presentation was customer service and value added marketing. "What you get from us that you don't pay for".
Our people's reaction to Martin's address was very positive and we were able to benefit from the material presented.
I have kept in touch with Martin over the past five years, due to his excellent follow up and keen interest in the success of our business. This lead to us inviting Martin to present two sessions to our staff, in April this year.
With the relationship that we now have built, and his preparedness to tailor to our needs, we were able to deliver a keynote address and workshop session, that were exactly what we required. Most importantly relevant to our business.
The topics covered were of interest for our people, not only from a business perspective but also personally.
The feedback from our latest session has been sensational. Our staff realised positive benefits immediately, and as a business we have gained practical material we have implemented immediately.
As a successful business, we sometimes wonder about the value of conducting this type of presentation. However, in Martin Grunstein's case, it is my belief that it has helped us refocus on where we should be heading and has been therefore of great value.
Martin's offer to provide ongoing support, free of additional cost, has induced his way of adding additional value to his product and is much appreciated.
I have no hesitation in promoting Martin Grunstein to any business operator who is intelligent enough to believe, there is more to business than price and product.

Please accept our deep thanks for speaking at our 'training session' last month. There are two very good reasons for the delay in providing you with this letter of appreciation.
We've been too busy. You have provided us with many great (and practical) ideas to proceed with - and the motivation and momentum to implement them.
We were so pleased with your input that I really wanted to come up with a letter of reference 'gold enough' for you to use in your future presentations to potential clients. This placed a lot of pressure on my communication and creative skills.
Having heard you speak twice before, we had some idea what to expect. Your direct approach and entertaining style keeps the interest and the concentration of your audience right through the presentation ensuring the message gets through.
But our initial meeting determining the outline and content of your presentation and your follow-up since that time means that we not only received an afternoon 'rev-up', but a comprehensive system by which to develop relationships with our clients - and improve our bottom line.
We will certainly keep in touch and we give high recommendation to anyone considering your services. Thank you on behalf of all of the Raine & Horne Eastern Suburbs offices.
Ron Bauer,   Sales Manager,   Raine & Horne Bondi Beach

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