Nicholas J. Johnson
Location: Canberra, Melbourne, Melbourne
Country: Australia

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“I highly recommend Nick as a speaker. It is clear that a life-time of standing in front of an audience and performing makes Nick a "natural" for communicating ideas and information in the more formal setting of a lecture theatre, or as an after dinner speaker.” – Dr Ian Griffith (President – The Skeptics Association)

"Thank you for entertaining our corporate guests so well recently. We will certainly take the opportunity to engage you again and I thank you for your dedication to delivering an outstanding performance.” - Trish Kench (National Museum Australia)

“There are cons at every turn: infomercials, credit card fraud, even Nigerian pyramid schemes. Australia’s most cunning entertainer, Nicholas J. Johnson has mastered them all!” -Miranda Tetlow (Triple J)

    With a career spanning twenty years, entertainer and con artist Nicholas J. Johnson grew up in the colourful world of the circus and show business before turning his talents to entertaining with trickery and deception. In this unique presentation Nicholas exposes the secrets con artists have employed for centuries to influence people’s decisions, baffle their senses and part them with their hard earned money.

    Through the techniques of swindlers, magicians, mind readers, pickpockets and fakirs, Nicholas will have audiences laughing, learning and scratching their heads in amazement. Using humour, theatre and audience interaction, Nicholas will demonstrate how to spot swindlers and common cons in day to day life.

Demonstrations include:-
  • The secrets professional hustlers use to cheat gamblers.
  • How easily your PIN and credit card information can be stolen.
  • What to look for in a phoney psychic.
  • How to spot a pickpocket.
  • What attributes make everybody a potential victim of con artists.

Nicholas will also reveal the con artist’s Ten Commandments and explain how law-abiding people can use these techniques to build relationship and influence people including:
  • How con artists manage to sell things that don't even exist.
  • What a con artist says to make you his best friend.
  • How to motivate people to act.
Nicholas J. Johnson is an entertaining and engaging speaker whose one of kind presentations are informative, engaging and highly memorable.
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