Sue Stanley
Location: Melbourne
Country: Australia

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Sue has turned her attention to encouraging Australians of all ages to take care of themselves and enjoy life to the fullest.  As a firm believer in the 'sport for all' principle, her immediate aim is to utilize her current celebrity status and profile to deliver motivating, basic health and fitness messages to a broad cross section of the community - reaching people who may otherwise not be inclined to participate.

A spokesperson for the Australian Dairy Corporation, Sue appeared in their television campaign, aimed at raising awareness of Osteoporosis.  Sue dedicates endless hours to charity and fundraising events and travels worldwide as guest presenter and motivational speaker at corporate conferences.

Sue is currently rated one of the top five Australian women in sport; an Australia Day Ambassador, and is the recipient of the Advance Australia Award for her contribution to sport.

Whilst Sue Stanley is an astute businesswoman and a tough competitor, she has a warmth, a sense of humour and a generous nature.  She is a terrific ambassador for our country and there is no doubt that she is destined for a challenging future as a role model for healthier living to all people of all ages throughout the world.

Brief History

  • Sue Stanley began stealing Gold Medals on the International Stage, early in 1993.
  • Sue's successive wins of the World Cup Aerobic Championship in Japan made her the only woman in the history of the sport to ever successfully defend a World Title.
  • Sue's amazing sporting achievements soared to an unparalleled level with her win in the 1994 World Aerobic Championships in Las Vegas. Her dream of becoming the only Aerobic Athlete to win three World Championships became a reality.

·         As a twenty-year-old, Sue satisfied another long time ambition by opening her first Health Club. Today Sue is the Director of 'Fitcorp', one of the leading corporate fitness companies in Australia. A company dedicated to improving the health and well being of the executive staff of some of the largest corporations in the country. Sue is also Founder and Director of Australia's premier on-line health and well being web sites. 


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