Matt Biondi
Location: Melbourne
Country: United States

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In 1989, Biondi co-starred in a CBS special, "Dolphins, Whales and US". He is the co-founded of the Delphys Foundation which is dedicated to promoting the protection of marine mammals worldwide and with whom he has completed several video projects featuring dolphins in the wild interacting with proficient human swimmers.

Now retired from competitive swimming, the dedication and devotion that Matt has shown while competing in the pool has become apparent in his love for marine mammals.

Matt also works with the Hawaii Whale Research Foundation in underwater videography.

Brief History                                                            

  • It's been said that speed is something that cannot be taught - it's a unique skill that enables ordinary individuals to accelerate towards extraordinary feats. Matt Biondi is recognised as one of the fastest human beings in the water and, with eleven Olympic medals, is tied with Mark Spitz as the most decorated U.S. Olympian in history.
  • His competitive career, which spanned three Olympiads; redefined the limits of speed in the water. Having won his first Olympic gold medal at the 1984 Summer Games in Los Angeles, Matt set and reached ambitious goals in the 1988 Seoul Olympics. At the swimming venue, Matt's tasks were to defend his World Record in the 100 metre freestyle, challenge the world champions in three additional individual events and swim in three relay teams as well. When the swimming competition had ended, Matt had earned seven medals (more than any athlete in any sport), including five gold, and set four World Records.
  • It was an incredible Olympiad for Biondi, but according to Thornton, not surprising, given his talents. "He has the ability to feel the water, much like an artists feels the canvas, and a pianist feels the keys. Those are things you just don't teach people."
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