Stephanie Rice
Location: Brisbane
Country: Australia

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Stephanie Rice born 17 June 1988 in QLD Australia, is an Olympic gold medalist swimmer from Brisbane who holds the world record in the 200 m and 400m individual medley as of August 10 2008. She was the first woman to complete the 400m medley in under 4 min, 30 seconds. Stephanie is trained by Michael Bohl a quite popular Australian coach.

Career for Stephanie Rice

Time for Stephanie to Cash in Big time

Stephanie rice is apparently worth millions according to head marketing people, Stephanie rice shot to stardom after winning 3 gold medals in the 2008 Beijing Olympics, along with Stephanie's stunning looks and great personality she is very marketable to any one who is willing to spend money on a advertising campaign based on Stephanie rice.

Michael Phelps may be wroth 100s of millions to billions in terms of advertising expenditure but our Stephanie rice is defiantly going to cash in on her success and make millions.  Magazines such as new idea and also women's day have already places Stephanie rice on the cover, how often do you see a girl on the cover just for winning a swimming race.

Stephanie rice is hot property at the moment and if your looking to get your company branded by Stephanie rice I would defiantly be spending some money on her as I can see your company earning allot of valuable promotion via Stephanie rice. Eamon Sullivan Stephanie's ex boy friend is said to make a healthy sum out of his silver medals and also bronze but no where in the same vicinity as Stephanie rice who will break the bank also overtaking Grant Hacket as Australians most popular swimming idol and also one of Australians most popular athletes.

Steph was the Gold medalist in the 200 meters Individual Medley at the 2006 Commonwealth Games in Melb, where she defeated Olympians Brooke Hanson and Lara Carroll to claim the gold medal in the event.

At the 2007 Melbourne World Championships she won a bronze medal in the 200m individual medley in a time of 2 minutes 11.42 seconds, breaking the previous Australian record by a second. American Katie Hoff won the gold. Rice once again placed third, earning her second bronze medal in the 400m individual medley final.

Steph continued her strong performance, setting a new personal best time in the 400m individual medley at an Italian meet in June 2007. Rice went a 4:40.79, edging closer to the elusive 4:40 barrier in the event. At the 2007 Japanese Open Championships, Rice smashed her personal best time in the 400m individual medley and finally cracked the 4:40 barrier.

2008 career for Stephanie a quite promising one for steph rice.

At the 2008 Australian Olympic trials, Rice broke the world record in the 400 m individual medley. Rice stopped the clock at 4 minutes 31.46 seconds.

At the Beijing Olympic Games, Rice received her first-ever Olympic medal, Australia's first gold medal of the games and its 400th summer Olympic medal, winning the 400m individual medley in a time of 4 minutes 29.45 seconds.

Personal life of Stephanie rice

The glamorous athlete was romantically linked with fellow Australian swimmer and 50m freestyle world record holder Eamon Sullivan, although they are having a break at this point in time.


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