Stephen Hunt
Location: Redfern, Sydney
Country: Australia

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Neighbours Actor and English Channel Swimmer Stephen Hunt
Stephen Hunt has done it all at the age of 25. He's taken a lead role in the legendary TV show Neighbours, released his own music in the U.K and Australia, swum the English Channel and Gibraltar Strait for AIDS charities, started his own charity and worked with the United Nations throughout the world. His story is remarkable and ispiring, his delivery is emotional and informative.
Stephen Hunt has lived everyday to the fullest in his brief 25 years on this earth.  He started out as a musician at a young age, then an adventurer, an academic, a sportsman, an actor and now a World Youth Ambassador.  He has excelled to the highest levels in each of these fields as well as helping a few people along the way.
Best known for his portrayal of Matt Hancock in ‘Neighbours’, Stephen has also popped up in ‘Home and Away’, several commercials, and as a guest on ‘RI:SE’, ‘GMTV’, 'Cheez TV', 'GMA', ‘Stitch Up’, and ‘Xchange’.  He is an award winning playwright and has performed his own work on stage as well as headlining a Christmas Pantomime in Stevenage with Bradley Walsh.
Stephen has been performing music professionally since early 2000.  He has played solo and in bands all over the world including Australia, the U.S, and the U.K with a variety of different performers.  Always giving a percentage of his fee to charity, Stephen has performed in several top class venue's including the Iceberg's in Bondi, and the Hard Rock Cafe in London.  He has also recorded an independent release, 'the light' with band members Simon Horn and Matt Templeton while living in London.  The band are to release their first album, 'listen' in the next 6 months.
Perhaps Stephen’s most admirable achievement to date occurred just last year when he swam the English Channel Solo to raising money for AIDS charities around the world.  He completed the swim in 12 hours and 12 minutes after narrowly be pushed past completion at the 10 hour mark by the strong tides.  He also managed to scoop the Bronze medal in the Australian Open Water Swimming Championships for the 25km event whilst training for the Channel crossing.
Stephen was appointed U.K and Australian Youth Ambassador to the 'World Youth Peace Summit' and gave his first speech at the European Youth Peace Summit in Sarajevo, Bosnia in May 2004.  Stephen has since attended the 'International AIDS Conference' in Bangkok, July 2004 on a scholarship.  It was here that he met Alischa Ross and became involved in Y.E.A.H.  He was invited to the United Nations in New York for a conference there and has built many important contacts for his future diplomatic career.  His trips to Narobi, Kenya and a conference in Pakistan were both cancelled. 
Stephen has returned to study in 2005 in an effort to prepare for a future career within the United Nations or AusAID. He is studying a BA (History and Politics) at Macquarie University by correspondence.  2005 also saw him set a new Australian Record of 3 hours 47 minutes for swimming the Strait of Gibraltar.  Raising money for the AIDS Trust of Australia, Stephen turned his passion for the AIDS cause into a career by taking on the position of Director/General Manager of Y.E.A.H (Youth Empowerment Against HIV/AIDS).
Stephen Hunt was born in Sydney, but was quickly whisked away to New Zealand where he spent the first 4 years of his life.  Being home taught from a young age with his sister Heidi, both children displayed artistic talent well before beginning grade school.  At the age of 4, Stephen and the Hunt famil
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