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Country: Australia

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Author, Communication Specialist,

Trainer and Speaker

Bass Tadros has worked for the past 12 years with multinational organisations specialising in communication, marketing strategies and planning. Bass has led teams of professionals in Australia and internationallythrough successful and seamless change work. Bass is the author of ‘Three Steps To Inspiration For Life’ and the founder of ‘For Life Coaching’. He is dedicated to helping people identify and shift the unseen forces that are holding them back from achieving desired results in business and personally. He does this by drawing on over a decade of experience in communication, planning and aligning people to processes that get tangible results.


Over the past five years he has also integrated other frameworks including hypnotherapy, neuro-linguistics programing and utilises revolutionary new tools in human transformation and empowerment to deliver lasting results for clients.

Offering guidance and support through workshops as well as corporate speaking events:

  • Managing stress, anxiety and mindfulness
  • Transitioning and adapting to change in circumstances
  • All business & personal empowerment, improving employee productivity, raising moral and workplace culture

Take control of your life by eliminating negative habits and install positive strategies.

Bass’ passion for helping people and giving back stems from his upbringing, growing up with a father that was in law enforcement and a mother that was in education. He describes his childhood as his foundation for his love of learning, discipline, travel, culture, communication and working to help others. By age 10 Bass had lived in three countries, over three continents and had learned to speak vastly different languages. By early twenties  he was studying and researching the mind and personal development. Now he has developed workshops and specialised talks on mindfulness, reducing stress and gaining clarity. He spends time helping family, friends and clients whom are serious and committed to achieving exceptional results by sharing his insights and mindset strategies that led to his ongoing personal growth and success. Bass is creating a legacy of transformational inspiring impact with his extensive and diverse client base.

Inspiring audiences world wide, Bass is the author of Three Steps to Inspiration for Life and the founder of For Life Coaching & Hypnotherapy. As a speaker and trainer in Hypnotherapy and Neuro Linguistics Programming, Bass is dedicated to helping people identify and shift the unseen forces that are holding them back from achieving desired results in business and personally. 



Free your Mind Understanding the elements that create day to day stresses and gaining clarity and strategies on how to eliminate those stress. Create a powerful mindset and strategies toward success in business an personal life. 

Mastering Communication Understanding your communication style and learning how to communicate in the most effective way to impact and influence. 

Congruence to Overcome Procrastination To be congruent is to be in alignment. Aligning your thoughts words and actions. And once you’re in alignment procrastination doesn’t stand a chance. 

Power of Being In-spirit To be inspired is to be in spirit. And by being in spirit you can inspire others but remain inspired from within. 

The Power of Mindset and Clarity of Vision Understand what the mindset is made up of and gain clarity so you can move forward and create incredible results. 


Get Out of Your Head and Into Your Heart Do you often feel like you have internal chatter? Are you winning the battle of internal dialogue or is it beating you up? Perhaps you’re in two minds most of the time and you can’t make a decision. This presentation will provide clarity on how to escape the business of the mind and tap into the truth of the heart. The brain holds a duality with the left and right brain. The heart is a singularity and will always give you a single answer.

Are you looking for further information on how to transform your thinking, your behaviours and create positive change in your life? This refreshingly unique course will cover practical NLP techniques to transform your thinking, your behaviours and create positive change in your personal and professional life. Complimentary ongoing access to the NLP Life Coaching Community with the opportunity to put into practice the NLP techniques to retain and build on your knowledge. 

On successful completion of the the modules and assessments students qualify for the: POWER HOUSE COMMUNICATION with NLP certification by Bass Tadros. 

Benefits of this Training 

Control the connection between your mind, emotions and behavior 

·         Redefine your purpose 

·         Discover how to take control of conversations 

·         Create better relationships 

·         Overcome challenges easily 

·         Gain control in stressful situations 

·         Gain increased confidence in your personal and professional life 

·         Decrease stress 

·         Reduce and avoid burnout and banging your head against the wall

·         Attract opportunities and doors where before you only saw walls

·         Decrease passive aggression because people are more willing to speak with you 

·         Increase the people who want to be around you 

·         Increase your ability to dissolve tension, manage the mood of the room 

·         Increase work productivity 

·         Establish trust 

·         See things from the other person’s perspective (empathy)

·         Uncover powerful negotiation skills

·         Handle objections better 

·         Take back power and take charge of your life

·         Develop your abilities to inspire and motivate people


Bass Tadros has been using NLP techniques to faciliatate transformative change work in the corporate world and one-on-one in the clinical environment.


CORPORATE Mindfulness

·         Do you want to

·         Improve your team's communication?

·         Increase your number of customers?

·         Increase customer loyalty?

·         Reduce unexpected organisational costs?

·         Be proactive rather than reactive?

·         Increase your team's morale?

·         Lead your staff to excel in their roles?

If you answered yes to any of the above... I have the secret answer for you...

There is a Secret to Increase the Success of your business.  Are you prepared to discover it?


If you want to achieve raving customers, clients, and staff who are loyal and spread the word of your company for you, the secret is simply in developing the foundation with your people.

Bass Tadros, an acclaimed and accredited hypnotherapist and mindset coach works with businesses, executives and teams in order to achieve organisational objectives.

If you want to make sure your staff are working as a coherent team at peak performance, then Bass can help you by creating a positive organisational culture. You will reduce costs by reducing staff turnover, sick leave, miscommunication and poor performance. We will help you to increase Emotional Intelligence and Social Intelligence – critical skills required to manage staff and ensure workplace morale is kept high.

We offer a range of corporate wellness programs, workshops and seminars that can support you in improving staff performance and reducing business costs.

Areas cover include:


• Using Emotional Intelligence to inspire passion, creativity and confidence

• Team building, instilling team values, building successful teams

• Becoming an employer of choice, to attract and retain the best staff

• Stress management, meditation and relaxation techniques

• Promoting workplace balance through positive psychology and mindfulness

• Communication skills

• Optimising management interaction with staff



Talks are tailored as per your organisational needs. Topics can include:

• Calming the mind

• Increasing confidence

• Re energising your body

• Tools for conflict resolution

• Improve intellectual capacity

• How to balance emotions

• Increase your productivity during stressful periods.



A Full day - 7 hour session

This one day mindfulness sessions are interactive sessions designed and tailored for your team. Sessions options include:

• Understanding how your team and customers operate so everyone wins

• Gain clarity on the best tools to use for your style of communication

• Gain clarity on understanding how you operate

• Understanding the power of change

• Discover Strategies for Conflict resolution

• Understand how to manage distressing emotions

• Discover how to skillfully praise people



A 10 week program with weekly 2 hour sessions for your team

This intensive program will delve deep into emotional intelligence, taking your team’s self awareness to a level which will create deeper connections with each other and your customers. Expect your team to be challenged and to grow.

Emotional intelligence is a set of skills that help us identify and respond to emotions within ourselves and others. These skills are as important as your intellect (IQ) in determining success in work and in life. Everyone, no matter what job function, has interactions with other people. Your ability to understand your emotions, to be aware of them and how they impact the way you behave and relate to others, will improve your ‘people’ skills and help you ultimately to be more successful.

• Understanding how your team and customers operate so everyone wins

• Uncover how to let go

• Gain clarity on understanding how you operate

• Gain clarity on the best tools to use for your style of communication

• Understanding the power of change

• Discover Strategies for Conflict resolution

• Understand how to manage distressing emotions

• See how to best write mindful emails

• Discover how to skilfully praise people

• Interactive techniques for managing stress




A specialised hypnotherapist, communication specialist, trainer, media presenter and public speaker. Having worked with Individuals, Executives and some of the world’s biggest brands Bass Tadros specialises in helping to resolve challenges professionally, personally and within business environements. Known for his ability to establish a safe experience, clarifying to clients the unseen obstructions that are holding them back. More importantly he has the tools and proven principles to provide necessary resolutions quickly. 

Helping people identify and shift the unseen forces that are holding them back from achieving the results in all aspects of their life. He does this by drawing on over ten years’ experience in communications, planning and aligning people to processes that get tangible results.

Over the past five years Bass has integrated into his programs the frameworks from hypnotherapy, Neuro-Linguistics Programming whilst utilising revolutionary new tools in human transformation and empowerment frameworks to deliver lasting results for all his clients.


He helps people in the areas of:

• Transitioning and adapting to change in life circumstances

• Career/Success For Life

• Love and Relationships For Life

• Health and Wellness For Life

• All aspects of life that you want to empower.



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