Janet Etty-Leal Keynote Speaker
Location: Hawthorn, Melbourne
Country: Australia

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Janet Etty-Leal has over 20 years experience in Education. She is a PSH Therapist and teaches meditation (trained by Dr Ian Gawler). She has developed her business 'Meditation Capsules' over a number of years and now presents seminars, workshops and classes to a diverse cross section of society. These include corporate, health, educational and community organisations. Her main aim is to connect people to steps that they can take now. She de-mystifies meditation. In her presentations audiences enjoy a wide range of ideas, strategies and skills that they can readily put in place to enhance their lives.

Inspire Yourself

And here’s how …

“Your outer journey many contain a million steps;  your inner journey only has one:  the step you are taking right now”  Eckhart Tolle

Take steps towards better health … now

By de-mystifying meditation and introducing simple, practical options Janet inspires you to create positive change.

She draws on her professional background in Education and 30 years of studying a range of Meditation, Yoga, Tai Chi and affiliated techniques. She is a PSH Therapist  (Private Subconcious Mind Healing) and is trained to teach meditation by Dr Ian Gawler.

Manage your stress:  manage your life

Janet specializes in working with people who encounter high levels of stress:   professionals of all kinds; teachers, executives, health workers and people who live with disabilities and illness.  She has devised strategies to use time, rather than make time; self-care then becomes an achievable goal on a daily basis.

Her clients include Telstra, Hewlett Packard, The Alfred Hospital, numerous schools and health organisations.

Strategies and ideas that work

Look forward to learning:

  • Practical ways to boost self-awareness and mind mastery
  • Key exercises in breathing and posture
  • Simple, practical elements of Yoga, Qigong and Feldenkrais
  • Self-massage techniques
  • Lateral ways to re-frame and re-focus
  • Opportunities to put fun and humour back into your life


 As your skills progress, so do the benefits – enhancing all aspects of your life

Speaking Engagements  – An Overview


Another Piece of the Puzzle
Australian Huntington’s Disease Association National Conference 2006

Annual Student Wellbeing Conference
Southern Metropolitan Region, 2004, 2005, 2006

Pilot Program – Creating a Positive School Environment
Geelong, 2005

 ‘Leadership – Making the Difference’
Central Highlands Wimmera, Annual Principals’ Conference 2005

‘Dimensions of Leadership’
Barwon-South Western Region, Australian Principals’ Centre 2004

‘Tune out .. tune in … Make the most of your inner resources’
North East Catholic Principals’ Conference 2003


Family Bereavement Support Program 2006
Royal Children’s Hospital

‘Loss and Grief and Meditation’
National Association of Loss and Grief

Corporate and Health:  a wide range of clients, including
Telstra, Exxon Mobil, The Age, The CEO Institute, Cabrini Hospital,
The Alfred Hospital, The Brotherhood of St Laurence, The Australian Principals Centre and a wide range of government and non government schools.


Sense-sational Strategies for self-care
Life Accounts
Language and the Emotions
Meditation Makeovers
Turning STRESSED into D

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