Playback Theatre Sydney
Location: Sydney, Sydney
Country: Australia

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Imagine your next conference or training day: you want your people to be inspired and energised, you'd like them to recharge their creative spark while sharpening their focus and don't forget they need to build connections with each other - This is a job for Playback Theatre!

Based on a careful brief, our team of highly-trained actors, musicians and facilitators come to your venue and invite life and work stories from your group. The Playback ensemble then transform these stories into theatre right in front of your eyes, using improvisation, movement, drama and music.

The result is a compelling blend of entertainment, reflection and clarity as the Playback team spontaneously bring your people’s experiences to theatrical life! Through this storytelling one colleague’s experience becomes intelligible to others; they begin to see, acknowledge and value points of connection or points of difference. And everyone discovers a new perspective on their own story.

Ideal for conference breakers, dinner entertainment, training sessions and company retreats, Playback mobilises the whole group through sharing individual experience. It encourages participants to express thoughts, feelings and impressions that connect the individual to the collective experience. The audience is actively involved not just passive observers. It’s a totally refreshing experience… entertainment and discovery rolled into one. Playback is both humorous and powerful. And, because it is a reflection of your team's current circumstances, it is always relevant, insightful and engaging.

Because the Playback Theatre is focussed on relationship building, it can greatly contribute to the successful motivation, empowerment and celebration of staff, facilitating change and fostering the spirit of teamwork throughout your organisation.

If you're looking for an innovative and effective way to explore organisational issues, boost morale or simply reinvigorate your team, the solution is Playback Theatre. We promise a rewarding and unforgettable experience!
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