Corporate Entertainment – Tips to hire
July 25, 2017

Having the right kind of entertainment makes all the difference to corporate events. You can lift your event up several notches by increasing the wow factor with entertainment.

When hiring entertainment for corporate events you need to get it right and be able to wow the audience.

There are many different kinds of corporate events and not all kinds of corporate entertainment would be right for all events. For instance, the kind of entertainment suitable for an event where people are milling around a lot would be different from entertainment at an event where people were sitting down and focussed.

Entertainment hire such as a band, dj or a roving singer would be excellent for the former event, while a comedian or other kind of act or speaker would be needed for something such as after dinner entertainment where people remained seated.

So before you even speak with a booking agent it is always a good idea to clarify in your mind exactly what kind of corporate event it is to be and whereabouts the entertainment will come into it. This is especially true when a corporate event may include a mix of different elements.

For instance you may have teaching sessions followed by dinner or another meal and then entertainment to finish up with. Or your corporate event may be a day or more long with specific spots set aside throughout the day for entertainment to relax and refresh the audience.

So some of the things you need to consider when hiring entertainment are: -

  • Is this form of entertainment right for the type of event and timeframe?
  • Are there references from satisfied customers that span several years – or at least months?
  • Is it possible to see the entertainer in action elsewhere? While many entertainers have DVDs of their act, laugh-track and applause dubbing can make them seem better than they actually are, so do not depend on that. 
  • Do they offer a money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with their performance?

Once you have ascertained the above, you can be relatively sure that the entertainment you choose for your event will be well-received.



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