Create A Riot By Hiring A Stand Up Comedian
July 25, 2017

Stand-up comedians are very popular these days for events such as parties or corporate functions.

Everyone loves to have a good laugh and laughing together not only relaxes the whole group but has the effect of breaking down barriers and making everyone feel as if they belong together. The bonding effect that laughter has is well known and many corporate organizers book female comedians especially for this reason.

Before booking a comedienne, you need to ensure you choose the right one for your event. To do this you need to know the age group and demographics of the people attending the event. If children will be present you will need to ensure that the comedian tells clean jokes.

Not all kinds of humour travel well, so be sure the female comedian you choose has worked with your kind of audience before.

While you need to be clear about your venue, date and time – and your budget, you also need to decide what kind of humour your want as far as theme goes. Do you just want any kind of humour, or do you want it themed to a specific topic? 

 You may even want to ensure that there is a message embedded between the lines. If so, you need to speak to the comedian about it well beforehand.

Some comedians may have a tape that you can listen to before you make the final decision on whether or not they are right for your event.

Find out if they have won any awards or have any testimonials you can go through. Referrals are great because you can get some idea from what other people tell you just how good or appropriate the comedienne will be for your own event.

In any case be sure you book early so that you can have a wide choice.



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