Keynote Speaker Topics to Grab the Audience
July 25, 2017

If you are an aspiring speaker, you would always be on the lookout for inspirational keynote speaker topics. Choosing the right topic that clicks instantly and makes the audience sit on the edge of their seats requires a lot more effort than you might imagine. Delivering a speech is a lot more than just piling up a number of facts along with some personal opinions and saying it aloud before an audience. A keynote speaker is supposed to make an impact and force the audience to think. To make an impact, you have to do something that is out of the ordinary and introduce original ideas for the benefit of your listeners.    

A corporate meeting is considered incomplete unless it has a keynote speaker to deliver a few inspirational words either in the beginning or at the end of the convention. Keynote speakers have become crucial to such events and the success of the conventions rests heavily on how well the keynote speaker delivered the speech and if he/she managed to grab and retain the attention of the audience through the course of his/her speech. The keynote speakers can talk either about personal growth topics or they can be specific and talk about a topic that is related to that particular event.  

Motivational Speakers on Personal Growth Topics – An Instant Hit

In most cases, a motivational speaker can be hired to talk about almost all types of events related to business and education. Motivational speakers can talk about leadership, responsibility, personal growth and inspirational influences on the lives of the people. All these topics are highly relevant to corporate events and educational conventions as business owners and academia related individuals could benefit greatly from such speeches. These topics are aimed at developing the mind and broadening the thinking horizons of the individuals, therefore they are global hits regardless of the profession of the listeners. These speeches can be delivered by celebrities or any other individual who has managed to gain a certain level of achievement in their field of expertise.

Event Specific Speakers for Targeted Topics

Apart from the motivational speakers, there are certain events that require keynote speakers to talk about an event specific topic. Such a speech must be delivered by an individual who has the knowledge of the subject matter. For example, the best keynote speaker for an event related to women’s rights would be a women’s rights activist, a woman who has faced abuse and gender discrimination or a female figure who has achieved exceptional success while living in a discriminatory environment.  

If the event is related to health care, the topics must revolve around the government policies related to health care, global healthcare trends and personal hygiene. The most appropriate speakers for such topics would be physicians, healthcare policy makers, nutritionists and healthcare specialists. Similarly, if the event is related to drug abuse, doctors and individuals who have faced this problem in the past can be asked to talk about the harmful effects, their personal experience and the support that is offered to victims of drug abuse.

Whatever the topic may be, the content is of the utmost importance. The speaker must keep it interesting by adding humour so that the topic does not seem dry and at the same time, it must convey information to the listeners as well. The strongest content must be in the opening sentences and the closing speech of the speaker.

Clichés must be avoided as the audience expects to hear original ideas and opinions. Play with the curiosity of the audience. Make them think. Ask a question that makes the audience shift in their seats. Make them uncomfortable with a thought provoking comment and make them laugh with an anecdote related to the topic.

It is essential that the speech must be well practiced. A well-rehearsed speech is bound to leave a greater impact upon the listeners. Avoid using notes as they might reduce the credibility and do not leave a good impression on the audience as the listeners trusts the speaker to know everything.

Keynote speakers have the authority over the audience and they can alter the way the listeners think. Apart from being a source of knowledge, keynote speakers are an inspiration to the audience. People take time out for speeches because of the belief that they would be introduced to original and unconventional ideas that would change their life for the better. To be an exceptional keynote speaker, topics that you choose and the ideas that you present for the benefit of your listeners are just as important as your actual style of presentation.


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