Comedy Circus

Brisbane, QLD, Australia

Erwin is performed by Mark Myers.

Mark is a contemporary circus performer specialising in comedy routines, and has been performing since 1988.
He trained in physical theatre at The John Bolton Theatre School in 1991 and has performed in solo shows, duos and ensembles all around the country and internationally.


Mark's performances blend highly skilled circus stunts with character comedy and involve audience participation.

Audiences are amazed and astonished at the stunts achieved by the seemingly inept Erwin.
Some of the stunts included: Juggling on a Unicycle on a slackrope, Juggling razor sharp knives, Balancing wine glasses on his nose, Skipping rope on a unicycle, Fire eating and more.

He was the support act for Billy Connolly and has toured with Ashton's Circus and performed in countless corporate events, schools, festivals and parades.

All performances are covered by Public Liability and Indemnity insurance.

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