Extreme FMX Air
"Freestyle Moto X Shows"

Penrith, Sydney, NSW, Australia

You have witnessed freestyle motocross on many television networks but now you can bring FMX stunt shows to your area for your main arena entertainment. Freestyle Motocross has exploded into the entertainment industry and one of the fastest growing action sports today.
It is a great source of extreme main arena entertainment for many events, even events of its own.

Extreme FMX Air is one of Australia’s leading traveling portable freestyle motocross shows.
Our athletes are reaching around 45 feet high in the air with huge jumping distance while performing numerous stunts.
Our performances are a spectacular main arena attraction that is announced by a professional MC while performed to a great musical soundtrack.
With every demonstration captivating audiences with performances that keep them on the edge of their seats leaving the spectacle etched in there minds.


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