Recognised as one of the United States’ most prominent political figures..

Cairns, QLD, Australia

Recognised as one of the United States' most prominent political figures, Senator Bob Dole has a distinguished record of public service that continues to make a difference for Americans.

On issue after issue, Senator Dole is a statesman who has made his mark.

Brief History

  • As the Republican Presidential nominee in 1996, Bob Dole offered himself to Americans as an honourable leader. He was recently awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the nation's highest civilian honour, as a tribute to his character and contributions to the nation.
  • Bob Dole was raised on the plains of western Kansas and is a decorated combat veteran of World War II, having survived grave wounds on the battlefield. In addition to becoming the Senate Majority Leader, he also served as the Chairman of the Senate Finance Committee, his party's nominee for Vice President, a member of the House of Representatives and Chairman of the Republican Party.

·Senator Dole's effectiveness as a consensus-builder and his commitment to deficit reduction and economic growth  earned him the admiration of Republicans, Independents and Democrats alike.

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