The Jahbutu Rovers
Location: Jimboomba, Brisbane
Country: Australia

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Using steel drums The Jahbutu Rovers add  "the party"  to any gathering be in corporate, private, poolside, indoors, night or day! With a comperhensive repetoire including Quando Quando, Commanchero, Jamica Farewell,Maryanne, Matilda, Tequila, even The Simpsons theme song!,and many many more they get the crowd going.

The Jahbutu Rovers  create a colourful, vibrant  "scene" encouraging audiences be a part of the moment.  Venues that thrive on The Jahbutu Rovers  "antics"  include Seaworld, Shopping Centres, Sales, Boat Shows, City Council Events, Sporting Events,Resorts,Agricultural Shows,Airshows and Festivals .Any where there is a crowd!

Watch out for the zany Jahbutu Rovers  in a crowd near you.


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Client to provide: Stage / performance area, power, meals, refreshments, a greenroom / private and secure change room and parking close to venue

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