Singing Angels
Location: Sydney
Country: Australia

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The exquisite SINGING ANGELS add festive, engaging entertainment, with a sophisticated mix of choral, swing jazz and modern carols.
All singers are Opera or Music Theatre Professionals – so their voices carry through large open spaces such as airports, over corporate crowds, or in busy shopping centres.
Costume theming is flexible, with 5 different gowns to choose from: White/Gold, Rose Gold, Red Sequins, White Ball Gown or Gold Sequins.  The Angels can descend with elaborate gowns, headpieces and wings, or be dressed simply in a stunning gown - whichever suits your occasion.
Always offering a group photo, taking requests for favourite carols, laughing with children and wishing everyone a ‘Merry Christmas’.
More than beautiful singers, the SINGING ANGELS naturally exhibit a gorgeous touch of Public Relations and Christmas conversation with your guests or customers – enhancing the Joy of Christmas at your venue.
Create the perfect atmosphere with the SINGING ANGELS, whose voices fill the air with the joy of Christmas and whose engaging performances generate delight.
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