Phil “trust Me” Cass
Location: Sydney

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He'll cut off your tie, tear up your money, lift your watch.... and split your sides!!


Phil Cass is one of Corporate Australia's most nationally recognised comedy entertainers having performed over 5000 corporate events world wide.



One of the very best live entertainers Australia has to offer in the 21st century!”
BOB HAWKE, 1983-91 Australian Prime Minister…   23.2.10
I gave him a standing ovation!  Olivia Newton John…  21.5.10
The National 'MO' Awards recognise Excellence in Live Entertainment and Phil has been named
'The Australian Specialty Act of the Year” on seven separate occasions!
With his enthralling on-stage personality and powerful presentation, Phil has redefined the meaning of corporate entertainer, combining the skill & thrill of magic with the art of comedy. Along with a healthy dose of hilarious audience interaction, Phil combines impressive sleight-of-hand and clean comedy to create a first class corporate show. He will leave you with the sense of having experienced something truly extraordinary and memorable.
 A recent quote from The National Press Club of Australia...
 "Attendees at our dinner function included Government Ministers and senior level political staffers, some of our countries leading political journalists, top level executives & their partners from the corporate world and bureaucracy. Providing comedic entertainment can be fraught with risk as one person’s humour may be offensive to another. Your show was hilarious, extraordinary and down-right good fun. You dealt with your “volunteers” with good-nature and without humiliation. I look forward to another opportunity to welcome you back to the National Press Club of Australia. Your professionalism helped make me look good as event manager so a personal Thank You!” Marietta Rudolf, National Press Club
"One of the funniest shows I have seen in a very, very long time! Thelinchpin was Phil Cass, whose mingling of magic, prestidigitation and comedy had tears streaming down peoples' eyes.He assaulted our collective funny bone… I laughed for so long and so hard that by the end of it, it was almost a relief to stop laughing.” Courier Mail
"The highlight of the evening was the performance by multi-award winning comedy magician Phil Cass, who managed to keep even those who claimed to hate magicians riveted to their seats."  Sydney Morning Herald
Phil Cass is the original that many others try to emulate. He's a showman, raconteur, comic and multi award winner. In all, he has received 23 Australian National Awards for his service to show business. 
So whether you have 30 people or 3000 people attending your next event, one thing is for sure - the 'WOW' factor is guaranteed! 
Amazing! Hilarious! Clean! Impressive!
Knee slapping entertainment!!
Highly experienced, Phil masterfully performs in a comedy style suitable for all audiences and for any length of performance (from 3 - 60 mins).
He has worked on every television show in Australia ; worked with everyone from Whoopee Goldberg to Bruce Springsteen.
He leaves your guests thoroughly entertained and on a high, ensuring that they have a great time and your event is memorable.
Phil gives you his money back guarantee that you’ll be patted on the back for organising a trouble free & highly successful function!
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