Jolly Jim the Pirate
Location: Heathridge, Perth

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Ahoy there mates, prepare to be boarded!

Arm the kids with lots of giggles and smiles, then strike the main sail, stow the cannon and get ready for mayhem as we introduce Jolly Jim the Pirate 
The Show
Avahst mates, it’s time for madcap fun with Captain Jolly Jim the bravest pirate ever to sail a plastic boat in a bathtub. Join in the fun as this crazy pirate teaches the children the pirate song and creates mayhem with Rover the invisible dog. Jolly Jim even tries to juggle sea urchins! It’s the craziest pirate show on the seven seas.
 Mr Jim who is now possibly Western Australia’s best known children’s entertainer through his work with “The Drippy Dragon Show” and “Mr Jim’s Magic Show” plays this lovable pirate. This show was developed for Underwater World in Singapore and has since played in shopping centres, kindergartens and pre schools around W.A. The show has been a huge success and is now a regular part of the years programme in many places.
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