Princes of the Night
Location: Melbourne Australia , Melbourne South Bank

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"Princes of the Night" is a pioneering theatrical masterpiece that exalts the very essence of masculinity, sensuality, and charisma. Our production features a dazzling ensemble of supremely gifted artists, affectionately known as the "Princes." Together, they transport our audience into a realm of fantasy, exhilaration, and suspense, leaving them at the edge of their seats—or perhaps even becoming part of the enthralling performance themselves.




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1. Prinecs 2024 Company Presentation
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"Princes of the Night" is a cutting-edge theatrical production that celebrates the essence of masculinity, sensuality, and charisma. Our show showcases a group of exceptionally talented performers, often referred to as the "Princes," who take our audience on a journey of fantasy, excitement, and intrigue and will have the audience on the edge of their seats... or may even find them selves as part of the show.

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