James Sleight Comedy Magician
Location: Heathridge, Perth
Country: Australia

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Public, Corporate or Family events.
James Sleight is a highly skilled and multi award winning magician with a charismatic charm which captures any audience. James is constantly in demand throughout Western Australia working at the very highest level of functions and events. James is also known on the international market as an entertainer who can adapt quickly to your environment and provide the perfect show to create high impact, memorable entertainment.
  James holds national awards for close up magic, strolling or walk around magic, and children’s magic and he regularly works interstate and internationally. A truly versatile and professional entertainer, James provides shows ranging from full scale stage illusions to micro miracles and has tailored shows for all types of events. Custom or theme tailored shows are also available.
 James has several different size floorshows depending on your circumstances. For smaller groups James has a show designed to take less space and provide an intimate high impact show with lots of comedy and interaction (see more information below). For larger events and functions James works with an assistant and can do larger more visual effects right up to illusions involving her appearing and vanishing in the most unbelievable ways.
 To get just a taste of what james might do in your floorshow picture the fun as you watch James fast talk a member of your audience into putting their head in the “Bloke’s vegetable slicing machine” (A six foot guillotine) “Just to feel the comfort of the stress relieving head rest”. I guess you know what happens after that but you wont believe the number of laughs in this very witty and funny routine. Another lucky volunteer will get to watch up close as James performs his signature piece where he demonstrates how to disco dance whilst doing a linking ring routine so amazing it even leaves other magicians scratching their heads. To say that audience participation with James is fun to watch would be like saying that Moses did a little water trick.
 During the show James will do things which your audience will talk about for years. Every routine not only involves audience participation and comedy but also has a high impact magical climax to blow your guests away.
The opening illusion, should you choose to have it, has never failed to get gasps and even screams from the crowd. When James’s assistant suddenly appears from nowhere people are literally shocked. This illusion is optional as it involves more room and staging but even without it this is a truly world class show.
 James Sleight is also a master of close up sleight of hand magic and holds several national awards for his close up magic and comedy. For the ultimate evening of magical entertainment we suggest you have James move around the room earlier in the evening to dazzle your guests at close quarters and then have the stage show later in the evening. This not only allows everyone to get to know James a bit before the show but also gives your guests a completely different and personal magic experience. James can also be booked by the hour to perform walkaround or table hopping close up at your event.

Client to provide:  Refreshments, a private and secure change room (toilets are not acceptable) and parking close to venue.

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