Dancing Through The Ages
Location: Melbourne And Sydney, Victoria And Nsw

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The ideal and perfect show to both please and satisfy all of your special guests from clients, grand parents, customers, your parents and all the way to the young, cool and even the kids plus of course yourselves.

Transport your guests into a night full of pure celebration, non-stop good times, excellent memories, throwbacks, feel good moments, sing a long tunes and sizzling journey across dance time history starting from way back in the glamorous 1920s, moving on through the classics of the 50s rockabilly, the cool 70s, the 80s retro funk, the pump up the jam 90s and finishing with the new millennium of street dancing and of course the grand finale party dancing with you and all your guests together as one and rocking the house.

With all honesty there is no better way than to make your special event day even more memorable than with “Dancing Through The Ages” where you get all the WOW and POW in the mix including a variety of dazzling costume changes representing each decade.

2 very affordable amazing options available to suit every special event being:

a)- value show package having 6 dancers performing a 20m show non-stop including audience interaction

b)- the combo show package having 8 dancers performing a 30m show non-stop including audience interaction

We are flexible so please kindly submit any of your specific requests and/or visions and then we can tweak and tailor make the show.

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