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Country: Australia

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National Paramedic Group (NPG) was created in 2015 as a joint venture between HEST Paramedical and MedCall EMT Services. NPG was created to provide services across a wide range of markets including the resource industry, entertainment industry, sporting events and private events such as expeditions and remote location events. NPG has access to a wide range of people and resources ensuring that regardless of the location all required materials are there to safeguard your health & safety. This in combination with a highly trained and dedicated staff as well as NPG’s own Medical Directors provides a complete service package. While both HEST Paramedical and MedCall EMT provided skilled medical professionals, each also had very specific specialities such as large festivals, high-risk sporting or entertainment events. With the joining of both businesses NPG is able to provide a wide scope of expertise and solutions to its clients including; • On-site medical Response including site ambulances, response vehicles and site clinics, • Rescue Response (Including Technical Rescue), • Health & Safety Management and Consulting, • Training Services, • Health & Hygiene Monitoring (including Alcohol & Drug Testing), • Provision of high-end medical and response equipment, • Occupational Health programs The safety of our staff and clients is the number one priority for NPG and a great amount of detail goes into our risk planning and mitigation programs with each campaign being provided an individual Risk Assessment and Health & Safety Management Plan. NPG also places great emphasis on staff development and skills retention. All staff are required to undertake various skills development programs throughout the year in order to maintain their working status or to advance within the organisation. This approach ensures operator competency, clinical relevance and a clear progression plan for individual operators to increase their own skills base. NPG also provides a wide range of training services from basic First Aid training through to high-level medical technician and Rescue training. All training provided is completed using high quality training aids and materials as well as industry proven trainers who have actually lived what they are teaching, this ensures a sound mix of practical, theoretical and underpinning knowledge for the students. National Paramedic Group can and does provide services to; • Low, medium & large sized festivals, • Concerts for local, national and international performers, • High Risk Sporting events such as motor sports etc., • Remote area events from small expeditions & motor sports to industrial events and entertainment events, • Sporting events such as Martial Arts, Rugby Union, Rugby League, Field and Indoor Hockey, equestrienne and many more at local, State, National & International levels, • Community programs such as open days, • Corporate events such as team exercises and open days, For more information or to make a booking contact NPG to see how we can provide a tailored medical, rescue or safety solution for you.

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