Asian folklore adapted to movement, mime and dance. Storytelling and Fortune-telling

Brisbane, QLD, Australia

Monkey King introduces year of the dog

First Devised for the Chinatown Mall in Fortitude Valley he has amazed Locals

Had grandparents tell his tale to grandkids

and Performed at many a Chinese New Year also

Monkey cheeky chinese cousin to dog... God Noel Sheridan created this character for Brisbanes Chinatown Mall And was invited to Asia tourism conference in fiji He now offers Workshop and performance to those wanting to Experience Folkelore Storytelling And Fortune telling This delight delightful Year of the dog In the workshop he will create the dog from scratch

Impress a few restaurants at Treasury Casino for their biggest event of the year

Noel developed the mime character further and had the pleasure of representing Multiculture at the30th Tourism Awards in Fiji

also the Asian Triennial in Brisbane where he added the year of the Horse to his many character credits

Noel then added Voice the respectfull broken English of our community and reserched the Chinese Horoscope

This year is the year of the


luckily a friend of the


carries the Chinese Paddle with the symbols of all the Chinese Zodiacs to thrill and temp Customers of the future and present Luck


 The Luckiest thing the

Monkey can do is give you some of his own  Hair

which Noel has always had as part of his Costume Character and makes it very special at functions normally a small child the oldest Patron or a special occassion

Monkey King is

a stunning visual character with movement and mime qualities.

 He has been used as a promotional tool by Brisbane Airport to welcome guests at Chinese New Year Time.from peking to Hong Kong and evrybody knows him

Instantly playful is this year's DOG and also aggressive.Yin and Yang

Noel acts a treat  

Noel has had success with 

  • Horse
  • Pig
  • Rat and
  • Goat 
His own daughter is a dog so he's having fun like a loving Dad.

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