High brow comedy & circus sideshow

Melbourne, VIC, Australia

"Check any ideas about a cerebral night of thought-provoking comedy at the door, and you'll find this is possibly the single funniest moment of the festival." Steve Bennet 2005

 “The show at times feels almost hallucinatory. Its inventive, curious and original” The Herald Sun, Michael Ward 2004

 “..and Asher Treleaven are gloriously odd, and rather than perform sketches the show unfurls like an unending hallway carpet of curiosity…. Delightful” The Age, Fiona Scott Norman 2003

 Lets write this in the first person, as it is not a publicist writing it about me, its me writing it about me. If you wanted to book me for a gig what would you want to know, hmm. l  have 2 different performance styles you’d be interested in, oh and also I love to create tailored work for events so if you want something specific I always love a challenge. The 2 different styles I afore mentioned, are stage and street performance, which incidentally involve different characters and very different styles, and so one is very different from the other. On stage I work as Kornelius Pantalone, performing the Diablo and absurd comedy sketches. Kornelius is a babe of the Famous Spiegel Tent, a kind of David Lynch clown character. Edgy and eccentric humor for people who want something a little left of the mainstream.  On the Street I work as Asher Tea and perform a 30-minute comedy juggling show with lots of following comedy and audience interaction. Both personas have worked around the world, won acclaim and entertained people from Japan to London, Qatar to Germany and of course OZ. It’s good, and very funny.

 2005 Age Newspaper Critics choice award special commendation, Melbourne International Comedy Festival 2005 for 'Wild Duck'

 2003 Special Commendation, Melbourne Fringe Festival in comedy category for On Wild Duck.

 Nescafe Big Break Recipient, grant for ongoing study and pursuit of a higher level of drama in Australian circus.

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