Clover & Gosper
Location: Melbourne
Country: Australia

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Sue and Steve were invited to take this 30 minute show to Taiwan for the Childrens International Art Festival, with follow on invitations to Hungary, Czech Republic and Slovakia. Career Highlights include performances in a Refugee Camp outside of Prague.

Clover and Gosper are available as an installation or 30 minute show. Please enquire for further show information

String puppetry is taken to new heights performed by a Master Marionettest operating a 21 string marionette breathing life into limb in a remarkable and rare display.

Steve Scott has created "Clover", a 2 meters long, 0.5 meters high and possibly the largest of its kind in the world, Praying Mantis string puppet.

Standing in front of a giant rain forest tree (3.5 meters high) 'Clover ' preens and feeds from the tree, 'Gosper' the Nature Spirit (Live actress) serenades him on her Ocarina. Beautiful as the music is, it awakens the baby praying mantis 'Spot' (a cute 12 string marrionette) who scurries out to take a closer look at the world.....

'Spot' the mischievous baby mantis, loves climbing on people, tables and up the tree to ride on the back of 'Clover and beyond....

Gosper bridges the space between audience and puppets inviting them for an up close and personal encounter with 'Clover'.

This gentle, magical world is charming, delightful, and fascinates audiences all ages, cultures and walks of life

Tech Requirments:

240 V Power

Flat level Playing Space

Access to Audience

Change room

Close Access Parking

The show is approximately 30 min duration but the time may be extended if required with other material such as close encounters with the puppets, question and answers. This is available on request and if context of the performance is seen as suitable. 

About  Sue and Steve - They combine their 20 years of entertaining experience drawing upon influences from their training in mime, music, and puppetry with hillarious repartee and deeply humerous consequences and a poingant experience.

Sue and Steve recognise that some people prefer to watch from a distance rather than interact directly. For this reason, they employ sensitivity and respect whilst performing; and know that their creations carry a strong impact whether used in an ambient capacity or other.

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Client to supply: Refreshments, a private and secure changeroom (Access to change room available 1 hour prior to starting time,. Toilets are not acceptable) and parking close to venue (covering any costs prior to event). 

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