Gosper and the Tale of Her Wings
Location: Melbourne
Country: Australia

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Suitable for 4/5s  and up. This 30 minute interactive original story is perfect for story telling times indoors or out.
"Gosper and the Tale of her Wings"is the story of a young fairy (Nature Spirit) whose wings won't grow. 

‘Gosper’, the young Fairy (Nature Spirit), must travel into unknown territories to get a special Goo from the Goo Tree. This will start her wings to grow.

She will encounter various Australian animals along the way including Koala, Wombat and Bilby.
But when she loses the directions to the tree, find out how she manages to avoid getting stuck in the swamp or being eaten by Snake. With help from a poetry loving Owl and at last with success assured she can return home safe and sound, Flying all the way.

This is a fun interactive and beautiful original story. It is told with a live actor using Mime to tell the story. It is about a rite of passage showing (for the older kids) that success against the odds, can be achieved, through persistence and determination.

This delightful adventure contains plenty of laughs, interaction, and suits the very young and young at heart. 

Bring your wings but don't wear them until  ....when the Fairy dust flows to all the new Fairies (and Nature Spirits) at the end.

The show commences with the magical and beautiful  art of contact ball manipulation and special beautiful fairy music written especially for the show.

Tech Specs.
The show is suitable for all ages, although children will need to have an attention span of at least 20 minutes. There is plenty of interaction including physical participation.

Note that while this show is not suitable for a specific toddler audience, in mixed company they too will enjoy participating with their older siblings.

Maximum audience numbers depends on the environment but typically up to 200.

Where they have performed.

  • Libraries
  • Festivals
  • Including but not limited to

What they Say!!
Monmia Primary School.
'The show was great and the students loved it. Sue is fantastic. We will keep the numbers handy for next year....Thanks again for your service and professionalism.' 

Flat level performance space (preferably but not imperative) on the same level as audience
PA. With Radio Head set Mic. If none available please advise at time of booking as we can provide. A surcharge may be applied.

  • The music is on a CD and ipod.
  • Sound check required.
  • Change room required.
  • Brimbank Festival
  • St Kilda Festival
  • Lara Library
  • Bright Autumn Festival
  •  Various Schools around Melbourne

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Client to supply: Refreshments, a private and secure changeroom (Access to change room available 1 hour prior to starting time,. Toilets are not acceptable) and parking close to venue (covering any costs prior to event). 

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