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Dwarf Hens And Bucks Night Entertainer Melbourne book him for your next event.

Melbourne, VIC, Australia

Sammy Sessions -Entertainer- the proverbial life of a party

Sammy Sessions has now invariably become one of the most sought after entertainers at present, after nearly 10 years of working with Melbourne’s best venues, clubs, parties, DJ’s and a host of special events and private parties. He is renowned for providing the best entertainment in various parties all across Australia. He has been in the hospitality business for nearly 10 years now and his testimonials speak for the skills he has and the amazing work he has done over the years.

He is a dwarf entertainer and is known to entertain people in Bucks Nights and Hens Nights. He comes up with the most amazing and unique Buck Party ideas and is a dwarf stripper of huge popularity. He is known all across the country for his charming ways and his sly wit. He also provides adult entertainment for adult parties and provides the most amazing burlesque dance. He is an easy going guy and makes you relax instantly and drives away any & all fears that you might have related to the event.

He certainly knows what he’s doing which helps you to give directions easily. After that, all you gotta do is sit back down and let him do the rest!

Born in 1988, Sammy was raised in an Australian household. He was the youngest of his five siblings. Sammy has faced a lot of struggles a normal person of his stature would face. He had eyes upon him everywhere he went, be it when he was hanging out with his mates or be it at school. But this criticism wasn’t enough to drive the positivity away from him. He believed in himself and never thought that he was any different from anyone else. If he wanted something, he worked day and night to achieve it. He set limits for himself and then wasn’t satisfied even when he pushed them and broke them. In 2000, he quit school and started his journey to become an entertainer. A 17-year-old Sammy started performing at the famed Zest bar. This kick-started his career and he has never regretted his decision. He always said that his involvement in the business will ‘Take entertainment to the next level.’

He then decided to go out on his own, once he had gained enough experience from the Zest bar. He started freelancing and hosting entertainment parties. These were unique, because in these ‘Dwarf parties’, no one dressed how they normally dressed. The people came in a variety of costumes that were colourful and extravagant. He is also known for taking photos with such crowds.

A year later, he began to attract attention from the club and hospitality scene and was frequently booked by major names on weekends, with Friday nights being crowd pleasing nights. Sammy in the entertainment industry brought a fresh new wave into the nightlife of Melbourne.

He has also been a part of the food and the movie industry, working with and alongside giants such as

– George Calombaris- Chef-restaurateur press club, Master Chef Judge.
– Curtis Stone- Chef-restaurateur. Coles Ambassador
– Heston Blumenthal- Chef-restaurateur
– Ada Nicodemou- Actress

The list is long.

Seeing this enigmatic dwarf, the people of Melbourne have also started taking interest in these unusual sorts of activities. Those who enter his parties for the first time may feel slightly uncomfortable; but if they are party freaks then they will surely come out with genuine, happy smiles on their faces. The people enjoying themselves in their colorful clothes, free of any judgment are a sight to see. Sammy takes care of his guests.

If you are awkward or shy, he senses it immediately. He will come up to you and tell you to relax and make sure that you are comfortable with what is going on around. He is very open and not very easily offended since he says he has been asked to entertain in rather odd ways. He is as humble as ever, catering to everyone’s needs and does all of this happily. As soon as the party starts, there is a smashing transformation. There are people enjoying in every corner. All of them are joking around, clicking pictures, MCing etc. In short, everyone is having a great time. The 24-year-old Sammy commands them in total harmony and there is no place more exuberant to party at that point in time.
However, this enigma and vibrancy also come at a personal cost of making rivals and competitors. Even though he is the hottest thing on the scene, there are still some midget entertainers that are proving to be tough competition for Sammy. The buck night entertainment scene and the hen night entertainment scene have seen a lot of up comers in recent memory. Even the Adult party scene is witnessing a rise in dwarf strippers and midget strippers. Sammy’s biggest competitor is Jeremy Hallam, popularly known as ‘The peoples dwarf’. He got into the business in 2006 through an agency that specialised in modelling and promotions. It kick-started his entertainment career. He became a movie star, public speaker, entertainer and model for several campaigns in Australia. His fame soon spread, and after a while, like Sammy, he too stepped into the entertainment business as one of the hottest things in Melbourne. He has also worked with children, both primary and high school. He is very happy when he becomes the cause of someone else’s happiness and is very passionate about teaching everyone about dwarfism through his public speeches.

Like Hallam, there are many other dwarfs on the scene and this industry has seen a rise in the quality of entertainment. But we must not forget that it was Sammy that started this revolution and that he was the one who thought about ‘Taking the entertainment industry to the next level’.

But there are still those for whom all of this is a bit too much. Well, it is safe to say that the city has something for everyone and this is what Sammy believes in. He will gladly tell you about places that will better suit your needs and is not at all envious by the rising competition.

There are other places where dwarves and midgets alike have shone brightly.

The dwarf acting business where one can go and witness the raw talent in these people on stage. Then there are non-adult parties hosted by dwarf and midget entertainers which are also highly entertaining if you aren’t the average club goer. You can bring along your kids for a time of good and pure entertainment.

And it is not just the people of Melbourne or Australia enjoying. It is people all over the world. This revolution which Sammy is a part of is spreading quickly. There are midgets and dwarves hosting parties in the UK and Ireland, while the colourful costumes have also caught up in regular parties. This type of entertainment has brought back an excitement and freshness that was long lost and With Sammy Sessions on the scene, orchestrating the whole thing with all his positivity and energy gives the party goers a grand cause for partying unabashedly and without any fear of judgment, which allows them to enjoy for as long as they want to and as much as they want to.

In 2001 Sammy started getting noticed within the club and Hospitality scene being booked most weekends on a Thursday Friday and Saturday night being a crowd pleaser and bring a new element to the nightlife scene.

Sammy has had the opportunity to work with some of the biggest names worldwide here are some of the clients he has worked for and alongside.

  • George Calombaris – Chef Restauranteur Press Club, Materchef judge.
  • Curtis Stone –  Chef, Restauranteur, Coles Ambassador.
  • Heston Blumenthal  – Chef, Restauranteur.
  • Ada Nicodemou – Actress Home And Away
  • Paul O’ Brian – Actor Home And Away
  • Scott Major – Actor Neighbours
  • Dj Joel Fletcher – Savage Swing (Melbourne Bounce DJ)
  • Magician Anthony Demasi – Kids Wb, And Corporate Events
  • and much more…….

Sammy’s love and passion for the entertainment industry helps him,  “Take Entertainment To The Next Level”.

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