The Toy Soldier is yet another strong favourite for exhibitions and other major events of a family atmosphere. As a static figure moving every so often in a mechanical form, he's positioned on top of a white pedestal for elevation.

Brisbane, QLD, Australia

There he will wait with a dead pan facial expression for the perfect moment to suddenly move and achieve the best reaction from the audience. Non-threatening or scary by any means, The Toy Soldier is adored by children and adults alike and proves always to be a very effective visual element in any event, large or small.

History of bookings include: major events, exhibitions, shopping malls, festivals, fetes and conventions.

Perfect for toy departments, theme parks and front of house theatre restaurants.

Mark Theodossiou is a stand-up comedian, lyricist, motivational speaker, street theatre, stage actor and presenter.

He has a thoroughly professional approach to his work and is always willing to go the extra mile to ensure that his clients are satisfied.

Having discovered his passion for acting at the age of six, Mark has a wealth of theatrical experience as well as an array of colourful characters to amuse and delight audience of all ages.

A fun-loving, comical and versatile performer.

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