pro-image prints
Location: Carrum Downs, Melbourne
Country: Australia

Contact Number: 0400675766
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Pro-image prints

Framed or block mounted images for sale and hire.
A large range of original artwork and photography.

Perfect for stage props, storyboards, or just adding touches of atmosphere to your favourite room or anywhere that needs that added extra something.  Also, I have a selection of written works, which under the right guidence can quite easily be turned into short films.

My main aim with the photography is scenic and unusual prints derived from nature, cityscape images, and  original contemporary designs and artworks stemming from these images. I am starting to branch out into food photography and am looking at offering my services as a freelance photographer.


currently I am designing an array of contemporary postcards and gift cards featuring Melbourne nad its scenic surroundings, and wildlife,  to add to my collection.


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