Outstanding hypnosis comedy/drama shows. Great corporate entertainment and change seminars. Fascinating speeches about the powers of the mind, with demonstrations!

Kobe, OTH, Japan

Master Hypnotist, Hypnotherapist, Corporate Speaker and Trainer with 30+ years’ experience.
Professor Jay Tee is unlike any other hypnosis performer in the world. Why? 

Extensive knowledge and experience with hypnosis, mental training, and altering the functions of the mind allow him to achieve what others cannot do. He hypnotizes the participants, quickly—without making the audience go to sleep!

Instant inductions of a selected few are a centerpiece of both shows and seminars, and enable rapid induction of the amazed people watching, too. It often takes Jay Tee only 5 minutes to bring an entire group of volunteers into hypnosis! This makes short performances possible.

Jay Tee’s shows range from 45 min to 1.5 hours, and hypnosis demonstrations last just a few minutes. Traditional hypnotists may spend the first 20 minutes of a show just on an induction!

Got a tough crowd? Jay Tee can handle it—he’s got decades of experience in handling people, and all the hypnosis expertise you need. Well-known and respected by other world-class hypnotists, he’s created many new variations and improvements to hypnosis methods, which he has shared freely with other professionals. He has developed and is now testing a new model of the mind to make hypnosis easier to achieve and more reliable to use!

"Jay Tee is, and has been for a long time, one of the very best Hypnotists in the world. He is generally acknowledged as one of the industry leaders. I have no hesitation recommending him wholeheartedly."
---Anthony Galie, Head of Corporate Training at Pathways Consulting.

Jay Tee adjusts the permitted “tone” and “rating” of shows as the buyer specifies. No excessive behavior is permitted beyond the buyer’s guidelines. The limits are set beforehand, and Jay Tee enforces them on stage!

Set on a particular theme for your party or event? Comedy, Horror, Science Fiction, Fantasy, Holidays—anything is possible! Jay Tee has already developed more than twenty different themes he can perform for you at the drop of a hat.

Want something special of your own? Custom-designed shows at no extra expense!

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