Australia's Magician Of The Mind
Location: Australia Wide, Sydney, New South Wales
Country: Australia

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American audiences call him a Mentalist.
European audiences call him a Mind Reader.
You will call him Amazing!

Timothy Hyde will play with your mind and delight your audience in this unique interactive performance.

Whether your next event is ...
a celebration, product launch, convention, gala dinner, awards night, private party, training day, conference kick-off, you need  "Magic of the Mind"

He's recently returned from 5 engagements with the World's Number One rated small cruise line SilverSeas, where his safe, sophisticated, trouble free entertainment is in high demand. On returning to Australia his appearance on Brisbane's higest rated drive program on Nova caused a sensation amongst it's 40,000 listeners, jamming the switch boards.

His performances are  easy to stage and guaranteed to go down well with a discriminating audience. Perhaps an audience that has "seen it all". Too old for a band and the boss doesn't like comedians. The venue is an odd shape and there will be no time for an "act" to set up. What are you going to do? Timothy Hyde is the perfect choice.

He has worked every possible venue from luxury Cruise Ships to maximum security jails. He will work with you to put on the best possible show for your venue and make you look good. His performance is truly remarkable. A wry sense of humour that made him a hit on the Comedy circuit and an uncanny ability to "read people minds" that makes him a talking point where ever he works.

"Sleight of Mind" Entertainment that's also perfect for meetings, conventions or sales events.
Timothy Hyde has the solutions!
If you expect your sales force or team to Achieve the Impossible for you this year or want your clients and partners to know that you will Achieve the Impossible for them... then who better to show them how!


Timothy Hyde Speaking Presentations & Topics

Timothy is also a recognised Professional Speaker, holding APS accreditation with the National Speakers Association of Australia.

He has three different ways he can help you achieve the aims and objectives for your next function or event.

  1. Customised Motivational Comedy
  2. "Thinking Like a Magician" KeyNote
  3. Magic of the Mind - A performance

View his Video Sampler Online at the bottom of this page!

 Either as a Speaker or Entertainer, he guarantees to provide a fast paced, sophisticated, trouble free presentation that will leave your guests with a lasting impression.
Each presentation he does is unique, as the balance between the three elements listed above will depend on your needs and expectations for the event.
Each is explained in further detail below and will be discussed with you prior to any booking.

Customised Motivational Comedy Timothy guarantees to further the purpose of your next conference or meeting by communicating your own message in a unique and memorable way. He will conduct a briefing session, by mail or in person, to determine exactly what you are hoping to achieve from the session. Your message, theme & ideas are then reinforced and illustrated in different and magical ways. Timothy is able to link products and services into his mind-boggling routines. It's something he has been doing for twenty years. He has helped companies launch new products, celebrate major breakthroughs, entertain clients, motivate sales teams and much more. As the opening speaker at a major conference Timothy will enthuse and excite his audience, introducing

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