One of Australia's leading solo acoustic guitarists, Tasmania's own Alan Gogoll has received critical acclaim around Australia. Having been featured on ABC Classic FM, Guitar World and endorsed by Cole Clark Guitars, Alan is truly a world class performer.

Kingston, Hobart, TAS, Australia

Alan Gogoll is a solo acoustic guitarist from the picturesque seaside town of Hobart, Tasmania. Having built his reputation as one of Australia's finest guitarists on beautiful and intricate compositions and performances, Alan has been invited to play around the country at weddings, festivals and special occasions. Recieving critical acclaim across radio, film and television, Alan has been featured on ABC Classic FM, endorsed by Paul Mineur & Cole Clark Guitar and published in the highly renowned Guitar World for his innovative 'bell harmonics' technique. With a deep passion and love for the guitar, Alan will delight and intrigue as he combines melody, rhythm and bass using his signature guitar tuning and bell harmonic technique.

Alan has released 4 studio albums to date. Small Giraffes (2012) was Alan's debut solo guitar album featuring 11 pieces that explore different and original techniques and tunings as demonstrated in Footsteps (ABC Classic FM) and Origami Monster (Cole Clark Guitars). Released the following year, Friendly Elephants (2013) continued to expand upon the sound that Alan had began to pioneer with his 'bell harmonics' technique as heard in the songsScary Fish and Thick Fur (ABC Classic FM). Released in March 2014, Whimsical Toad was the culmination of many years exploring both creativity and song writing on the acoustic guitar, perhaps best realised in tracks such as Button on Brown and Pepperleaf Pipes (Guitar World). Released in March 2015, Grizzly Caterpillar captures the essence of Alan's guitar playing and technique. Featuring both new and older compositions, all 15 tracks were on a nylon string guitar to compliment some of the softer tones and nuances of the pieces. Grizzly Caterpillar was recorded and produced by Zarven Kara at Zion Songs Studios in Margate, Tasmania, with artwork by Fran Evans.

Alan's guitar journey began at an early age on a classical guitar hidden away in the attic, and more than twenty years on that journey is as exciting as ever! Alan is a Christian by faith, relying and drawing upon the unfailing love and provisions of God, shown through the love and sacrifice of Jesus Christ on the Cross. Alan uses Cole Clark Guitars for performing,D'Addario and Elixir strings and Schertler, HK Audio and AER amplification.

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